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10 Unknown secret gtalk emoticons

Last week i had posted an ultimat list of gtalk emoticons and smileys.I thought that they were the only smileys availabe for gtalk.But now i got to know that i was wrong.Gtalk has many Unknown/hidden emoticons and smileys that are not out to public.The curiosity in my mind awake, when i came to know about this.I have started to explore ... Read More »

List of all Gtalk smileys and emoticons

As Gmail had became popular, it’s chat application – gtalk – has also became popular.Just as any other google products, the main ‘+’ point of the gtalk is it’s simplicity itself.But when compared to skype and yahoo , It’s not so pro.It don’t have many coloured emoticons or smileys, but google had kept more attention on making it simpler.Here is ... Read More »

Top 10 google Operators for better search results

Google, the most commonly used search engine, provides uswith any information we want.But As it has about billions of pagessubmitted to it, It’s very hard for them to filter out the scum sitesand provide you the exact information, which you are looking.You mayhave experienced this many times – Googling for one info and googleproviding any other info related to it ... Read More »

How to be Invisible in Gtalk : Gtalk Invisible mode

Last day I got an e-mail from one of my visitors , asking how to be invisible in Google talk.He told that he tried all the options in it and read the ‘help’ of gtalk completely , But he didn’t found any option for it.This really made me to laugh. Being Invisible in gtalk is a very simple process . ... Read More »

Send your Ideas to google

Google has a gift for the world on their 10th Birthday. They had arranged a competition for all , for helping others , For helping the world. The 10 to 100 project. Which is a quest of Ideas.Google wants some Ideas which can change the world. anyone from anywhere can participate in this. Through this competition you can send your ... Read More »

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