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How to download HD facebook videos to Your computer

As we all know Facebook is the largest community in the world and and has almost as much as people so as to be declared as a country which would be 3rd largest by population. Almost all people have an account in facebook. This makes it more popular for the newbies too and is facebooking is now a new name for networking. Facebook is a Ideal place to find and meet new peoples, old contacts and to get in touch with your old friends. You can share anything with them and chat anything, You can share texts, photos, status, thioughts nad Facebook is now the Ideal place for sharing videos also. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Then a videos speaks billion or millions or infact, everything ! That’s why people have to share the vidoes too just as they does their photos and status. You may add a video in Youtube, But if you want your friends too to see it, then you have to post it on Facebook. And due to this, Facebook is now being a common place for sharing videos and people posts videos in FB as it takes the video directly to your friends walls whereas in youtube or dailymotion you have to upload the video, collect the link and then share them to your friends.

Its pretty interesting to watch and recieve these videos too. You don’t want to subscribe their youtube channel and crawl int oit every now and then to see for updates. Its being done in the FB itself now. You can see your brothers graduation ceremony without him upload the stuff in youtube, tag and sent the link to your email, which you don’t even use. Eveything is now shared through facebook. Among these shared stuff, we can save most of them like status, photos etc to our PC hard disk so that we may watch them some other time, offline. But sadly, Even after FB had became a common place for sharing videos too, Facebook doesn’t provide this options in case of videos, Which is one of the most interesting thing everyone shares ! Who don’t want to download the videos of their crazy day-outs, the ceremony of their relatives, the song of their cute child, An awesome video that touched your heart !

Download FB videos in safariBut Here is a simple way for you. You can donwload any kind of HD videos from Facebook to your computer Hard disk, online. Don’t bother about your browser or OS, whether it is Chrome / Firefox / Internet explorer / safari or if it Mac or Linux or windows ….. You can download Facebook videos now in a click.

There are two simple and easy options for downloading videos from facebook.
#1 ) Direct method ;-

Personally I use this method as it is the easiest and most lovely method. It is the direct way and you just need to edit the address bar. You don’t need to open any new website or any software. Here is how you do it

  • Open the Facebook video
  • Select the URL in the browser
  • Simply add the word “down” just before””
  • Download the video directly

For example if you’re watching this video:
Just add the word “down” to look like this:
Now just load that link into your browser (enter or click Go) and follow the instructions to download the video from Facebook.


#2) With ;-

  • Just navigate to
  • Copy the Facebook video URL and paste in the Box provided
  •  Now Click the ‘Download Video’ Button to start downloading.

With these simple tricks you can download Facebook videos to your computer hard drive. The same trick can be used to download Facebook videos in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Ubuntu, MAC, Android etc.


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  1. great stuff man!
    Just so you’ll know, there’s another good method that’s called Torch Browser and that’s what I usually use.
    If you want to watch a good tutorial, there you go-

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  4. It is a simple way to download facebook videos.
    Thanks for sharing.

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