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How to Protect your e-mails when sharing

I think you all know the problems you face when sharing your email in any social networking sites like Facebook , twitter and all.The chance for listing of your e-mail ID on the database of any spam sites is more, while sharing the links through such sites.But the thing is that, all these listings are done by bots.So, even if you posts it as invisible in the unnoticed corner of your blog, then also you can’t escape from it’s eyes.
But as Newton said, everything has an equal & opposite ways.It’s simple to escape from these mails also.Many of my friends and readers had seeked my advice on this and so i am posting it here.There are 2 simple methods of protection which i mainly uses.These are the Simplest too ;-

1.Don’t expose it in the real form

I think this is the simplest, easiest and most used protective way to protect emails.The trick applied here is that not exposing our e-mails in the real form.As you know, the spam sites uses bots to list your e-mails.There is much difference between bots and humans.That’s why CAPTCHA is used to identify between bots and humans.The same idea is used here.Convert your email id from its standerd form to anyother form that only human can read it.—-Confused ??

usually we use emails as

Instead of it, share your e-mail ID as 123[at]abc[dot] com.The bots will be softwared only to list the e-mails which cotains all the normal signs [i.e, @, . etc]And this can’t be identified by them.

NB : hears that bots that can read these kinds of IDs are also coming.So, you better change the words in red to anything similar to that [eg : 123 abc com]

2.Protect it with Online Tools

The second easiest way of protecting your e-mail ID is by protecting it with any online tools.The tools which i used recently is the . I liked it very much as it is too easy too to open the can protect your mails and select a link for it.’‘ is the link which i selected for my e-mail.Check it if you want to know about there services.there are many other tools too for this purpose.If you knows any, then use them.But don’t expose your ID with sites which can’t be trusty.

That’s all for now – Take care of your Mail

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