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Free GPRS trick for TATA DOCOMO – valid for 6 months

Hi all, Here is another trick that one of my naughty friend shared with me yesterday. Just like the trick on how you can recharge your mobiles for free, This is a trick where you can get 500 MB of internet from TATA DOCOMO directly and legaly. I don’t know what is the thing behind this but i am sure ... Read More »

How to and where to download China mobile softwares & Games ?

China mobiles had became so popular because of their cheap cost and they provide most of all essential facilities a mobile needs. Eventhough they have several great drawbacks, some of the new models, the branded ones had overcame many of such problems. They have duel sim facilities, sound changing facilities, motion sensors, can add back ground music to calls … ... Read More »

How to open ebuddy on china mobiles without downloading

ebuddy is an online messenger which will allows the user to chat with their friends in Gtalk, yahoo messenger, facebook chat, MSN chat, gmail chat, skype, ICQ …. etc. This will also support multi-network chatting. So, it can be used for IM instead of opening them one by one :). All these specialties made it the popular mobile phone client ... Read More »

[How to] Activate gprs for china mobile phones / Handsets

In india as well as most of other countries, the chinease mobiles create revolutionary waves and they are used by most of all commen men. They have all the primary and secondary facilities that a smart phone should have. They have camera, video player, MP3 player, touch screen, dual sim, IMEI number, gprs … etc. There are many duplicate mobiles ... Read More »

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