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How to overcome the fear of mathematics for college students.

When you are entering into the college for your higher studies, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. We have already made a list of the smart tips that you can follow when you are in college. But one of the biggest concern of many young people are that they are still afraid of mathematics. As you may know, mathematics is a core subject if you are planning to venture into the areas of science, finance, engineering or Business/Accounting fields. So, In most of the cases, it is virtually impossible to have a successful career without taming mathematics.

But mathematics is not something to be afraid of. As aristotile said, Mathematics is nothing but a play of numbers. if you just learn to overcome the fear of it and learn to interestingly play with it, it will be one of the easiest subject for you. Hear we are listing some easy tips to help you overcome the fear of mathematics.

  1. Use eBooks / online Resources

    This is an easier and effective way in today’s digital world. You can easily handpick some of the finest ebooks that can help you for this. For Eg: One of the books that i recently suggested my nephew is the Sullivan’s College Algebra (10th Edition) – eBook. This really is a time-tested approach that focuses college students on the fundamental skills they need for the course: practicing with homework, preparing for class, and reviewing the concepts. The 10th Edition has evolved to meet today’s course needs.

  2. Be positive

    Having a positive mind set is essential for learing a subject like maths. You need to have a basic knowledge about you and you should learn that even if your brain has difficulty in grasping maths, you can eventually beat it with mathematics. Maths is one of the few subjects that anyone can master just by hardwork

  3. Practice

    Just as legends says, hardwork beats talent. You have to work harder, spend some time and practice to upgrade your mathematical skill. The logic skills take a great boost when you are using it continuously. Even if you are solving the same problem more than once, it will improve the logical side of your brain.

  4. Apply in your daily life

    One of the best ways to make it your friend rather than a foe, is to apply it in your daily life. You can perceive easily and visualise them if you apply them in your real life and try to see them in such an angle. This will help you to easily grasp a liking and foothold in the subject

  5. Have a reason

    Look across the road on why you need mathematics in your life. You may be wanting to be a professional scientist or engineer or accountant. Imagine as why maths will enjoy a great role in your profession and the need of you to master it. This reasoning will give you the required morale and boost to take it up slow and real.

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