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APPS like TikTok : Alternatives To TikTok in INDIA

TikTok has been one of India’s most famous social media platforms for the past couple of years. The app was widely welcomed by the Indian society with a warm note. The app soon grew popular and went through numerous transitions starting from UI and ending at its name. It allowed people to be the film stars they always wanted to be. 

With the ban of 59 Chinese apps considering the uneasiness between India and China and the security flaws the app has always been accused of, it may be noted as one of the most discussed bans. Several users have been living celebrity life and status since their fame on TikTok. The ban on TikTok has not just hit the entertainment field but also people on an economic scale. Nevertheless, it is useless to fret upon what is gone, moreover, we must move on to find other alternatives to TikTok.  

If we look back we find hope as something similar has happened before. DubSmash was kind of like TikTok of the past and when it faced the same fate as TikTok now and died out slowly, we got to save the day. Therefore we can be consoled by the fact that several TikTok alternatives have popped up from behind the scenes. Let’s look at some of them. 

1. The first Alternative is quite interesting because it might be an App you already have on your phone. Yes, some of you may have guessed it right. I am talking about Instagram. Yep, you heard it right, Instagram has just rolled out a new feature into the app called Reels which lets you make short videos, share them and watch them. This is an effort the Facebook-owned company has put forward to bridge the loss of TikTok and maybe earn more users on the go in India.

 Instagram: ​

2. Chingari: Hailed as the successful and completely Indian TikTok alternative, Chingari is a go-to alternative for TikTokers to get back to business. 


3. Lomotif: One of the best and most popular alternatives seen is Lomotif. It is easily comparable to TikTok for its numerous features and easy to use. Lomotif even takes things a bit further with added features like slideshows and hyper-lapse. It is a good try. Lomotif has been around on iOS for a while and they have recently launched the Android variant.

 Lomotif: ​

4. Cheez: Cheez is another cool app that has been around for some time but hasn’t picked up the game due to heavy hitters like TikTok. Cheez not only helps you to create Lip Sync videos, it even provides prizes for posting and earning likes and comments. It also provides you gifts for watching videos. The app also has an online dance-off feature which is kind of unique to it and is quite fun to try. 

Cheez: ​

5. Triller: Another great alternative to TikTok. Triller allows you to take videos with special effects with ease. The app has been seen used by several famous personalities. The major advantage of Triller is the ease of use and the auto edit features. It also helps you to collaborate with friends quite hassle-free. 


6. Fireworks: Another app with most of the best features of TikTok. Firework even holds weekly competition with prizes. The app is easy to use and allows for collaboration between friends. 


7. DubSmash: The app which brought lip sync to a manor audience. Once popular but it’s popularity diminished owing to the security threat and competition. The app has fixed major issues and is available for download. It is a worthy competitor in the lip-sync area. 


8. Mitron TV: Another Indian made alternative to TikTok. It has faced backlash claiming it was created not in India but actually in Pakistan but the company has denied all the allegations. The app does pretty well with several features common to TikTok and its competitors. It sure is worth a shot. 

Mitron TV:

 9. Funimate: Quite not the TikTok rival but still is great with a lot of video editing tools that can help you to make some excellent content. It also helps you to make collaboration videos by editing and mixing videos quite easily. 


10. InShot: Though technically a video editor in its own right, InShot packs a punch on its own. Like TikTok, it is easy to add amazing effects and edit videos quite easily and is surely worth a try. 

InShot:  TikTok may have changed the face of short video and collaborative videos with friends in India. It has provided several opportunities for great talent to come up and enjoy fan following. For those who feel let down by the ban on TikTok, remember that it was always your creativity and talent and not just the platform and if you want to you can create great content anytime. So get your shoes and install these apps to create great content

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