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Why do companies offer Free web hosting ? Is it marketing or scam ?

As all of you may know, Web hosting is a booming business in todays age and is getting cheaper and cheaper everyday. The addition of technologies and competitions are an important factor for this. But many companies are offering these service for free. An extraordinary number of web has give free subdomains to anybody needing to make a site. Certain hosts like 000webhost and hostinger will even host your site for nothing if you have your own domain name. What is the logic behind that ? Today we are going to check how these web hosting companies provide free webhosting to its customers.

What is Free Web hosting ?

A free web facilitating plan is an administration for facilitating a site with no money related expense to the client. It implies that the web host will give a free subdomain, may be a site building devices, and in particular, the common or cloud server important to get your site on the web. A free web host plan will likewise give you a little measure of storage room on the server and restricts your data transmission. You’ll once in a while get respectable help or any uptime ensures with free plans. I normally suggest my readers to go for some best web hosting sites with good technical support instead of sticking with free plans with no support at all.

In the event that you choose to utilize a free web hosting package for your site, at that point you can as a rule pick your own subdomain under their TLD, for example, In the event that you need to pick your own domain name without having the web host’s name attached, at that point you may need to purchase, for example, and pay for it as a normal package.

Why not to pick Free web hosting ?

  1. Subdomain, Not Domain
    Most of these sites gives you subdomain on their TLD and not your domain name. This can impact your business greatly as subdomains are widely discouraged by advertising sites and even your readers or customers will think it is less reliable
  2. Server Limitations
    The server will have limitations in bandwidth and less amount of storage space will be allowed to you. This will not be enough in case you are upgrading your website in future or your blog grows
  3. SEO
    Subdomains are bad for seo. When they are combined in the bad neighbourhood of fake sites / badly reputed sites, it can also harm your seo. Many low quality sites will have the same IP as yours and will be located in the same server as yours.
  4. Customer support
    What will you do if your server had a lock down ? or some security issues or if you accidently deleted your data. There will not be any support or very little support in a free web hosting plan
  5. Ads
    Most of the time the web host needs you to display some ads as a form of payback to them. This makes sense as they are not charging you anything.
  6. Reliability
    Reliability of these free web hosts has always been an issue. They may have frequent downtime and may close down or cancels their offers at anytime. Reliability is a big issue if you want to host your website with some future plans. I would suggest you not to try it.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict i would say that it is always better to spent a few bucks on your hosting program so as to secure your entire business. It is true that you may be able to run a website at zero cost with those sites, but if you are thinking about future, or if you want your site to grow, never go for a free web host

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