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10 Most beautiful 3D windows vista themes (HD)

We did talked about the 25 most beautiful windows 7 themes and the 17 best 3D themes for windows 7, on our previous posts. We get really good response for both those list and that inspired us to make yet another similar list of themes for Vista. Microsoft windows Vista came as a successor of windows xp and as an predecessor of windows 7. It had a lots of changes from windows xp in operations, graphics, UI etc. However It didn’t get good response from Market, which pressured Microsoft to produce another Efficient and capable OS and resulted in the birth of windows 7.

But still many people uses vista today also and many laptops are still running on Vista, which make it our preferred target. Here we are listing the top 10 Most beautiful and amazing 3D themes for Windows Vista (HD)

We are providing the direct links to the authors website. All information, rights and tutorial on how to install and customize it will be available from the respective URLs

10. Wood

9. Lumen Vs

 8. Aero shine

 8. Ultimate Dark

7. Windows Blind

6. Project X 2

5. Turquoise

4. Prepetual

3. Transblack 


2. Steel Fish

1. Snow leopard


Hope this list was helpful. notify us through comments if you have any kind suggestions !


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