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Zapya For PC : Share files over wifi in windows 7/8/8.1 Operating Systems

Zapya is one of the most downloaded and most popular app in the Android play-store and apple marketplace. Zapya is the fastest tool for cross-platform file transfer & sharing. The coolest sharing style worldwide !Zapya for PC

The easiness to use, simplicity, speed, portablity, cross-platform compatablity, resume capablity etc makes zapya the most popular app in this sector. The content is transferred directly from device to device at 128 times Bluetooth speed!

Zapya is the best way to transfer files from one platform to another via wifi. The file transfer are insanely fast, up to 10MB per second, and it doesn’t need a WiFi connection or data plan to transfer files. It is a better alternative than Bluetooth, NFC or AirDrop, and you can even play games with your friends and chat with them via this app.

Eventhough the app is very popular in the mobile phone sector, Its PC version isn’t so popular. It is a very handy useful tool whenever you want to transfer data between mobile and your computer. I’m someone who encounters this daily and has to run to dig up the USB cable. Zapya was the perfect solution for this. Almost all phones today are equipped with zapya and so it will be a lot easier to connect it with computer without any cables.

But the main problem that I had to face was getting the right copy of the zapya from the midst of all those spam website who wants to install their own installers or adware toolbars into my browsers. So here I’m sharing the file that I got after searching the web for sometime. This will save you from those hazardous websites. I have uploaded the link in mediafire.

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