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How to recover deleted files from your Android phone

This is a serious and frequent issue that many people comes across with. There are chances when all your data get deleted from your android accidentally or while installing new ROM or rooting or whatever you does. Normally android doesn’t provide the option to undelete or recover and get back the deleted files and there is so far no apps that can do this directly from your phone.

But you can do this if you have a computer. It is possible to retrieve and get back the deleted files as computers usually doesn;t erase the files on the memory, but address them as free space and they are left as it. Once new file comes, then this free space is allocated to them and they over writes the content in that area. This is how it works.

So if we can reach and get the files before it’s being overwritten, its safe ! This is what the file recovery softwares does.

Note that here we are using the slandered procedure to recover a file deleted from your pen drive or computer itself. We just connect the phone to computer and recover files from it.

IMPORTANT : Make sure not to copy anything new to the phone or make any changes in the phone memmory, As it could affect your deleted files and they may be over-written. For Best result, Scan the files as soon as possible after being deleted, before installing anything

How to Get back occidentally deleted files in your android

  1. Download and install a file recovery tool to your computer. Recovery Recuva and Undeleteplus are the industry leaders and free softwares for this
  2. Connect your phone via cable and make sure it’s in mass storage mode
  3. Open The recovery software and scan the SD card / Internal memory of the phone
  4. After the scanning is completed, select the files that you want to recover (if they are available) and recover it

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