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Reliance Jio USSD Code to check balance, bill amount and activate/deactivate service

Jio is one of the popular and most rapidly growing network in india. There are several reasons for this, the first one being their cheap and unlimited plan. But still people are not used with jio much or have much idea on how to do basic enquiries on their jio sim. Here, in this post we are covering the basic ussd codes for jio and some basic operations that you can do on your jio sim card. Also note that with the Jio app in your phone, you can get all these details in a single click. This is for those who doesn’t have the app or have difficulties accessing it.

How to Check Jio Prepaid Balance & Validity ?

This is not a serious concern as most of the users recharge for the unlimited plans and therefore no need for having additional balance on their phone. You can also easily see the balance in the jio app.

SMS “BAL” to 199

How to Check your Current Jio Tariff and Plan ?

This is perhaps the most needed feature in your jio sim. To check if your plan covers everything you need, and to check its validity, if it is still active or not, and to check the available quantity of data/calls. This is the only ussd code you will need to use in case of a prepaid jio sim

SMS “MYPLAN” to 199

How to check Jio Postpaid Bill Amount ?

If you are using a jio postpaid sim, this is certainly the only code that you need to know. Apparently, the chances for a change or a hike in your jio bill amount is very low, unless you make international calls or foolish service requests. The jio postpaid offers covers almost everything you will need and doesn’t normally cost anything extra

SMS “BILL” to 199

How to Activate Jio Data Plan ?

The data is the main attraction of jio simcards for sure. The data are fast and unlimited eventhough there is a fair usage cap assigned. Still you can enjoy surfing the web if you have a data plan. Starting/ activating a jio data plan in your sim card is really easy.

SMS “START” to 1925 (or) Call 1925

How to activate caller tune in your jio number ?

Jio gives complimentry free caller tunes to your number, one of the many extras provided by jio for free and that others still charges you for. Activating a caller tune in your jio sim card is no big deal

Dial *333*3*1*1#

How to Deactivate Jio Caller Tune ?

Eventhough it is free, it is said to be free for only one month, extended in most case. In such cases it is always wise to deactivare the caller tune in case it is going to be charged, Deactivating is as easy as activating the caller tune, no issues.

Dial *333*3*1*2#

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