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How to create fake Credit card information for testing database or unsure websites

Credit card information are one of the sensitive information that nobody likes to share openly or to the websites that we don’t trust. Even if you are making purchase from any legitimate website, you should verify they have an “https://” protocol and a lock symbol with secure written aside it.

This post is intended for those people who don’t want to use their original credit card numbers (Big privacy concern actually !) in different places. These could be developers/ testers who wants to test their system or common public.

Why developers Need fake credit card information ?

Every developer knows the trouble of testing a database with sensitive information like credit cards and debit card numbers. Often all these systems would need validation of these cards based on time of expiry, name, cvv and even determine the type of card using the card number, i.e, Predict if it is VISA card, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS and so. Since this is very sensitive information, all the servers need them to be done with high caution and many tests are done in this.

But it is often hard if we try to use random numbers, since all these id cards have patterns and could be rejected by their API easily. Using genuine information on this is also not safe either, as even in the best case, it will be visible to all your friends.

Why Does Common people need fake credit card information?

Since many websites still doesn’t have https:// protocol, it is better not to use your actual credit card number in those sites. Normally sites that ask for your credit card and doesn’t have https:// are actually asking your credit card number just for verifying you are legitimate or for trial offers. It is always better to use these fake data in those sites. But bear in mind that this can’t be used for purchase or any other monetary transactions, and neither used to fool any one. It could be legal issues and you may have a bad time if you do so.

How to generate Fake Visa Card/ MasterCard/ American Express credit card numbers ?

There are many website doing this service. I’m listing some of the best website that can generate valid information.


This is another easy to use cc generator. There you can generate fake credit cards of American Express, Discover, JCB, Visa, Mastercard etc. The reason why i like this site so much is that you can generate any number of cards and get them in different format like csv, json etc. This will be really helpful for developers to test the database of their android apps or web apps.

Credit card generated features.

  • 100% Valid Credit Card Numbers
  • Generate up to 999 values per click!
  • Luhn algorithm checked
  • With credit card number validator
  • Major industry identifier added
  • 100% FREE to generate Credit Cards
  • Used for data testing and verification purposes
  • With random names, address
  • With random 3-digit security code
  • With random Expiration Date
  • With random Credit Limit

2) Get credit card Numbers

This is another similar website that lets you get credit card details in json, csv and xml format. This have more formats than the first one.

This is the best choice if you want to upload bulk dataset to your database for testing. This can be used to test your web applications like angular application, react application etc.

3) IgoPaygo

This sites doesn’t give you the details in xml or json format. But the reason why i like this site is they provide you with real looking address along with the credit card. So this can be used in websites which requires your data for form validation only. This is the best choice for signing up in those sites and best one for normal internet users.

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