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How to sent .exe/ .JS/ .BAT/ .DMG files in gmail

Gmail is one of the most used email service in the world. The easiness and the reliable brand name of google makes it very popular among public. There are many allegations relating to privacy and gmail, still it continue to be the world’s primary choice when it comes to a mail account. There are many people who stand against gmail due to its policeys regarding ads and privacy, but yet the linking of gmail with different google services and products like youtube, chrome, android, google maps, blogger etc increase the need for a gmail account for almost everyone. Also gmail has a great storage capacity also.

But one of the many issue in gmail is that they will not allow you to sent the program files like .js / .exe etc. This is for security reason, as sometimes messages containing these type of programs could harm the recipients computer, and most of the time could be virus or other malicious software. So, they have done their part to make their users more secure and therefore restrict the usage of these formats in their mail.

There are times, when we will need to sent small files or programs to our friends, for sharing or reference purpose. If you are a coder or student, chances are you will need to sent them in many cases and you will fail due to this policy. It is sad that they cannot scan the code contents automatically and couldn’t expect such a strong security in any nearby future.

Which are the Files blocked In Gmail For security Reasons ?

These are the files that are blocked in google mail for security ;-


How to Send this Files Through Gmail ?

There are many ways to send these files through gmail. I will explain the easiest two methods in here.

#1) Using Google drive

The best and easiest way is to upload your files to google drive and share them as links. Just follow the way.

  1. Login to Google Drive
  2. Upload your files
  3. Click on ‘Share’ button
  4. Copy the link
  5. Email it to your intended recipient

You can also click also do it directly from your mail.

  1. Open gmail account
  2. click on ‘add via google drive option’
  3. select the files
  4. Sent it to your recipient

#2)By renaming the files

This can be a little boring way, and i wouldn’t suggest it.

  1. Compress all the files and generate a ‘.zip’ file
  2. Rename the ‘.zip’ file and cancel the ‘.zip’ extension. Eg: Rename “” to “Myfiles
  3. Sent the zip file as an attachment.

These are the two easiest way to sent the JS / EXE / DMG / DLL etc files via gmail.

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