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TikTok is one of the most famous content creation software out there and the ban imposed by the Indian Government isn’t just going to affect the entertainment field but ripple through to create even economic and lifestyle changes.

TikTok has been used by several people for creating content ranging from simple and entertaining lip-sync to even short films. The ease to learn, adapt and use TikTok and the number of features it provides with a hassle-free UI which can be easily grasped made it a go-to destination for people of all ages for entertainment.  

TikTok may have started just an entertainment portal but a multitude of people have started using the platform for not just entertainment videos but even to create original content.

It has become a hub for social media influencers. TikTok made it possible for people who wanted to convey messages which would normally bore people by adding an entertainment aspect to it.

The growth of TikTok also saw the growth of India’s artists. Several movie and tv artists are regular users of this viral apps and thus is a great motivational factor for newbies where they could try out their acting skills before they could grow into full-fledged actors.

Not everyone uses TikTok for lip-syncing or entertainment videos. Another major user base TikTok has is for its easy editing tools which are great for editing on the go. Therefore, with TikTok gone, several content creators are left out.  

Most people have used TikTok as a platform to share their ideologies. In one of her recent interviews, famous Hollywood actress Judi Dench mentioned how TikTok kept her alive through the corona and made her life easy.

A lot of activists and people fighting for human rights have used this medium to convey their messages. As such, its ban is surely going to affect the content creators. A lot of people used TikTok due to its simplicity.

Not everyone knows how to edit videos using other software. The simple UI of TikTok was therefore easy to use. This led to a rise in the number of 0of content creators compared to other social media platforms.

When you compare other famous social media platforms, it is this lack of creative opportunities ad drawbacks that holds it back. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, youtube etcetera don’t provide you with many editing features.

You can do basic things like creating videos but TikTok was clever at this point as you can shoot videos, add effects and edit them.

Another thing that makes TikTok stand out is the fact that you can collaborate with your friends.

We can argue that we can do this on Facebook or Instagram live too but it does limit a lot of things like doing collaborations without going live and adding background music and editing on the go.

This is why TikTok is used by people of all ages. 

The ban on social media which has been widely accepted by the public can create quite a change to the growing list of social media influencers. S

everal TikTokers have even attained fame and fortune and have got to a position of stardom with a huge fan following.

A lot of people could bring out their artistic skills due to TikTok and ended up starting a career in the entertainment industry. It has also been used by activists and influencers to create videos for good causes and even to motivate people and spread human rights, feminism, pride, and so on.

TikTok saw a community with a multitude of tastes. A lot of people have used it to speak out to the public. As such, the ban on TikTok is kind of unsetting because it may have put a closure to several peoples efforts to make the world a better place.

All this said, TikTok is just an application and it is us, the people who use it who have the power to create as such I do believe that the ban on TikTok does not affect content creators and social media influencers and they find a new home for their content.

It is also possible that TikTok may soon resolve its security flaws and be back with an even more secure and interesting app. Hope is not lost as long as we as content creators are ready to bring out our voices out to the world.

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