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APPS like TikTok : Alternatives To TikTok in INDIA

TikTok has been one of India’s most famous social media platforms for the past couple of years. The app was widely welcomed by the Indian society with a warm note. The app soon grew popular and went through numerous transitions starting from UI and ending at its name. It allowed people to be the film stars they always wanted to ... Read More »


With the ban of 59 of the most popular and widely used  Chinese applications, we have witnessed a sea of change in the application spectrum. These apps had become a significant part of peoples lives and their unavailability sure leaves a wide gap for several reasons. If we look at all the apps that have been banned due to the ... Read More »

Why do companies offer Free web hosting ? Is it marketing or scam ?

As all of you may know, Web hosting is a booming business in todays age and is getting cheaper and cheaper everyday. The addition of technologies and competitions are an important factor for this. But many companies are offering these service for free. An extraordinary number of web has give free subdomains to anybody needing to make a site. Certain ... Read More »

Smart College/University Tips For You To Use!

A decent college encounter is something each individual can appreciate. Tragically, many would-be students are loaded up with fear by the thought. A few people fear the entire college encounter since they don’t recognize what will occur. You will see that it can help on the off chance that you learn as much as you can. One thing you should ... Read More »

IPHONE X / 7 / 8 automatically rejecting calls and making busy [FIX]

Iphone has always been the market leaders in the phone industry for quite some time. The main reason for the success of the iphone is undoubtedly their powerful and secure IOS. This operating system is very minimalistic yet powerful and make the¬†accessibility of all the features convenient to the users and cut out the unwanted functions and doesn’t encourage them. ... Read More »

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