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IPHONE X / 7 / 8 automatically rejecting calls and making busy [FIX]

Iphone has always been the market leaders in the phone industry for quite some time. The main reason for the success of the iphone is undoubtedly their powerful and secure IOS. This operating system is very minimalistic yet powerful and make the accessibility of all the features convenient to the users and cut out the unwanted functions and doesn’t encourage them. From the UX point of view they are simply a masterpiece.

But like everything, This also comes with its perks and flaws. Manyatimes the issues like missing out some of your common smart phone features, app permission issues for highly used apps like truecaller, additional features from other OS etc could make it a little bit of hassle for newbie users. Recently i had met with such an incident.

This happened to my new iphone x recently. The problem i gets is my phone seems to be in auto decline mode and the phone is not ringing when a call comes. instead, it automatically reject the calls and the person at the other end can hear a busy message. The people thinks that i am busy and i can recieve calls when i’m active on the phone. If i am using the web or playing something i can get the call. If the phone is idle, it will reject the call without doing anything. My friends and business associates keep on complaining about this issue but it took me a while to figure out what it is all about.

Why does my IPHONE X keep on declining calls ?

Well the reason why my iPhone keeps on cutting / rejecting phone calls because it has been set to DND ( Do not Disturb ) Mode. So it will automatically reject unimportant calls unless you cancel this mode. They term calls as important if the call is redialed within a matter of seconds. So all the other calls will be cancelled and you won’t even be having a clue what is going on.

Please note that this is not a bug and an exclusive feature introduced in IOS for your comfort.

How to fix auto rejection mode in iPhone / IOS ?

This is pretty simple. You just need to turn off the ‘Do Not disturb’ option from your control center. You can easily do this by swiping up the control center and de-activating the crescent icon.

So that’s it. Your DND Mode is now deactivated. Your calls will not be barred from now on.

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