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C Program to print Pascal’s Triangle

Program : #include <stdio.h> void main() { int num,x,y,a[50][50]; clrscr(); fflush(stdin); printf("Enter the number of rows: "); scanf("%d",&num); printf("\n Pascal's Triangle of Order %d\n\n",num); for(x=0;x{ for(y=0;y<=x;y++) { if(x==y || y==0) a[x][y]=1; else a[x][y]=a[x-1][y-1]+a[x-1][y]; printf("%4d",a[x][y]); } printf("\n\n"); } getch(); } Read More »

C program to implement Bubble sort

Bubble sort is a sorting technique where each two adjacent numbers are compared and the process is repeated until the whole list is sorted. This is less efficient but stable Program: #include int main() { int arr[100],i,j,n,temp; printf("Enter no. of terms\n"); scanf("%d",&n); printf("Enter the elements\n"); for(i=0;iarr[j+1]) { temp=arr[j]; arr[j]=arr[j+1]; arr[j+1]=temp; } } printf("Sorted elements are\n"); for(i=0;i Read More »

C program to find Mean, Median and mode with algorithm

Well before starting, let’s look at the basic defention and how we find mean, median and mode. Both these are 3 variables to find the average value or an approximate value of a list, but yet they have different values as they are based on 3 different concepts Concepts of mean, median and mode What is mean ?  Mean is ... Read More »

How to remove seen option in facebook chat easily

Disable seen in facebook chat easily

“Seen” option is a new feature introduced by facebook which tells us if a message we sent is seen by our friend at the other end. It’s a great feature that helps us to know whether the user is active at other end, If he haven’t seen it or if he is just ignoring us.  It’s a great feature but ... Read More »

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