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How to fix wifi connected, but no internet connection error in android

If you are an android smartphone user, you would probably have came across this problem at least once ! I’m referring to that horrible moment when your smartphone is connected to the wifi and you can’t access internet. Sometimes it hangs infinitely in the ‘acquiring network address ” message.

These problems are found in most of all android smartphones and is because wifi could not resolve the IP or lose the connection frequently. It’s easy to solve. If you connect your phone to wifi and if you can’t access internet even when  the mobile says connected to network, Just follow the following Instructions ;-

  • In the wifi networks, select the network you want and select ‘Forget network’
  • Turn off the wifi
  • kill all the apps with your task manager
  • Turn on the wifi again
  • Connect to the network
  • Check the internet connectivity
  • If still the problem exist, switch off the phone and redo the above steps

Alternatly you can download and use this lite app from android market which does all the above process for you automatically. You can download this app named wifi fixer from Playstore

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