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How to open ebuddy on china mobiles without downloading

ebuddy is an online messenger which will allows the user to chat with their friends in Gtalk, yahoo messenger, facebook chat, MSN chat, gmail chat, skype, ICQ …. etc. This will also support multi-network chatting.


So, it can be used for IM instead of opening them one by one :). All these specialties made it the popular mobile phone client on instant messaging. This can be easily downloaded to your mobile phones and you can chat with your friends like anything with this handy app. It supports most of all mobile phones but it do have some problem in supporting for china mobiles. As they are not compatible with Chinese mobiles, the users with Chinese mobiles can’t enjoy their service (so was I ). But with the help of my same old cousin who helped me to activate GPRS on my china mobile helped me in here also.

How to open Gtalk, facebook chat, yahoo messenger, MSN, skype ….etc in china mobiles ?

How to open ebuddy in china mobiles without downloading ?

It’s no big secret. As even after searching the web i hadn’t found a real version of ebuddy or anything similar that supports the china mobiles, we just tried all our ways to get in there and it was at this time that we came to know that, you can open ebuddy messenger online without even downloading. Ya, just visit from your Chinese mobile and just enter the network you want to enter. Boom …… ! you can now chat with your friends in that network for free. you don’t wanna download anything neither install anything. Everything is online.How’s that ….

Never worry about internet GPRS costs, just read some of the posts on web on how you can do it all compleatly for free

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