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How to make changes on a PDF file

PDF or Portable Document Format can’t be modify/editted by normal means. Here is a simple tricky tutorial on How you can edit / modify ( Make changes ) to a PDF file.

Most of all Files from the internet are given to us in the form of PDF [portable Document Format], which we can’t edit, erase or modify. The main reason of creating PDF files is also this. But in-case,  just for fun, or for any other reasons, you may have tried to modify the PDF files and may have failed in it. It’s quite normal, don’t worry about it.I  believe that most of you have failed in it because a PDF document can’t be modified even if you are a professional geek or hacker. Don’t worry, Here is the trick ;-

How you can Edit / modify / Erase any part of a PDF file and make necessary changes on a PDF file ?

The only way to edit them [make others think that it is edited] is to convert it into any other form like HTML or text, then make the necessary change you want and then create a new PDF file with the same name, and the others who see it thinks that is the original version. But, From my experience i have seen that, most of all online PDf to -other file formats- converters are asking high cost for one convertions and the softwares which do it costs too much which we can’t even imagine. But recently while stumbling i seen a site called PDF-to-Word, which converts pdf files to word documents for free. When i gone through their network, i see they are providing a wide range of online converters which convert pdf to image, word, text, HTML and tools which converts in the reverse order too.
Here are the useful sites for converting pdf, which is from their network itself ;-

  1. PDF to Word Converter
  2. PDF to Text Converter
  3. PDF to HTML Converter
  4. PDF to Image Converter

I highly recommend you to convert it into HTML as it is the easiest one to make modification. Now, you have to open the converted form of your PDF file, which can be modified and after modifying it, convert it into the PDF file with the same old name. You may use any online tool for this by googling 🙂 Now you see, you have made the changes you want to make in it easily …. No problems !

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  1. quick-pdf pdf to word – also good tool for converting pdf into word

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