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Find Fellow bloggers and blogs : Get connected with them

I think that you all knows the importence of networking on blogger. To be a good blogger, first you want to have a good friendship with other sites on your Topic. It is one of the main pillers of blogging. Getting connected with other bloggers really help you to improve your blog, to get promoted, to get help etc. That’s why most of all succesful bloggers are connected and the main problem you find when trying to connect with other bloggers are that you may not find the right blogs, i mean, blogs on same niche and almost same rankings as yours. Only such blogs can help you. Now here is a way to find such Sites.

It;s a little hard to find such sites just by googling or surfing through the Web or blogrolls…..etc. So here is a tool for that, a tool that i always use for this kind of purpose. The name of the tool is also something similar, i.e, It is a great web 2.0 tool used for finding altranatives for any websites on the web. We can use it to find any altranatives for any site. But here we are using it differently. we are using this to find the websites which are similar to our sites and which can be used to connect with.

This found can be used by readers also, if you want to get the best sites on a topic. For eg : if you want to find a best blogabout blogging – just search for the similarsites of problogger ordailyblogtips. Then I can assure you all the websites comming in the list would be related to blogging. If you use properly, This tool may helps you to even change your e-history !

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  1. Thanks for sharing.. Its a pretty good post. I will check out similar sites as how it is efficient to get related sites later.

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