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How to fix the bugs in The Godfather (Game)

Recently I got the game The Godfather from one of my friends and I installed it to my Laptop. Everything went very smooth and the starting videos and game made a great impression on my mind. But when i played it along, I understood that there are several bugs in the exe file of the game and many functions were not working properly. For eg: If we get in to a vehicle in the game, we can’t get out from it. The function for it is not working properly. I got too worried and tensed as I liked the game much more and I didn’t wanted to remove it in the name of some silly bugs.The godfather bugs fixed : How to exit from vehicle

So I opened the chrome and googled for a solution. But google again failed there, I was just getting some spammy links and links to some discussions on some forumns where they tells – there is no such problems, Problem is there the first release copies only….etc. I didn’t get any solution from there instead of some pranks and requests. I had to spent 1-2 hours to get a good solution for it and that’s why i am posting it here, so others could easily find it.

The problem is with the exe file of the game, as I already mentioned. It can be solved by replacing it with a ‘bugs fixed’ exe file. You have to download a file called Godfather-fix from here, extract and copy the godfather.exe file in it and replace it with the games godfather.exe file. Now the game will run smoothly. Thanks to whomever it may concerned. for helping me out. So, download it and play the game – Be a GODFATHER !

Link :

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  1. I played this for a few months , stopped now. never know about this tips.


  2. thanxxxxxxxxxx bro it was very helpful

  3. thanks much sir! have a great day

  4. that help was one of the best on the internet… good job! thanks… it also fixed the left right movement bug of the mouse..

  5. Thankxxxxxxxxxxxxx…………………………….Now i will become DON ……………In this Game…..

  6. i haven’t get it……plz help me…….game is not working properly……so from where i get the sollution….…….this is a russion website so i havn’t get my sollution

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