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How to force move apps to SD card in android 2.3

Android is an OS that comes in several hardwares and in many of them, internal memmory is too small. You can increase the memory by your SD card but whenever you download an app, it will remain in the phone memory and it gets filled. You can move many apps by going to settings -> applications -> manage apps -> ‘select the app’  and clicking on the option ‘Move to SD card’. For knowing more about it, read my post about it.

But there are certain apps that doesn’t show this options. The stock apps, that comes default with your droid, several other apps  etc are eating up your phone’s internal memory and in-turn slows down your phone. You can’t move such apps to SD Card as they doesn’t provide an option for it, But it’s possible to force move such apps to your sd card and thus to free your internal memory. Here i will tell you how to do it by including screenshots.

1. Go to android marketplace

2. Search for ‘Titanium Backup pro’ and install it

3. Open Titanium back up pro -> Backup/Restore and a list of all your apps will come the app, now a new window will come showing several options like ‘back-up’ , uninstall etc.

5.Select ‘Back-up’ to be on the safe side

6.Once back up is finished, long press on the name of application

7.Click on ‘Force move to SD’

Now the app has been moved to SD card. This will work with all apps, but remember that some app will not work if it’s not in phone memory. So, it’d be good to back it up.

Hope this post was useful !

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  1. WOW! I have been looking for an easy way to transfer apps to my SD card. Thank you, thank you for this!:D

  2. Mobile Broadband blogger

    Great tips you have, on how to move application to SD card. thanks

  3. how to do it on china nokia n9? thank

  4. my titanium.. dosent have backup part
    now what?

  5. Titanium backup pro requires root. Is there any other application without the need to root? Please help me.

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