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[How to]10+ websites to watch FIFA 2010 world cup football LIVE online

FIFA 2010 football world cup has been the latest biggest trend everywhere. As the FIFA 2010 wold-cup footballs fixtures and schedules have announced and as there is just countable days for the world’s largest football tournament to start, there has been several trends on it. Last day i seen some of my friends dressed their hair in the style of the england flag. In a Restaurant near to my hometown, the plates and glasses are painted with the flags of several nations ….. Everyone stands with one teams.

How to watch 2010 FIFA World cup onlline for free

When eyes goes to Foots ... !

There are big hand-made auditoriums by the fan clubs near to my house, where there is the Live telecast of  the FIFA 2010 world cup in big screens with projector and all . There are even several theaters which will shows the World cup football marches instead of movies. But only some channels provides the official broadcast of 2010 FIFA World-cup south-Africa and if you have any problems in getting these channels, then the only way in front of you is to watch fifa 2010 world cup online for free. I’m bolding the word free because their are several sites that offers you the broadcast of fifa world cup, but most are not for free. When this problem came, my uncle who is a great football fan (his cable doesn’t have ESPN ) wanted to know how to watch football world cup for free. He was a big brazil fan and never misses any matches of Brazil.

As the well known computer expert of the area, several fans too ask me the same question. As it was my prestige issues i searched the web about it and got the list of several trustable websites where you can watch FIFA world cup football 2010 (soutafrica) LIVE telecast online for free, Officially.  As i’m sure many of people have the same doubt, i decided to make a post on How to watch FIFA 2010 world cup held at south-Africa for free. Here is a list of 10 websites where you can watch 2010 FIFA world cup LIVE online for free.

  1. Watch 2010 FIFA World cup online from ESPNThe official live broadcaster of FIFA football world-cup on India. You don’t have to doubt them :). They provide free HD live streaming If you have any problems in watching it, try using any proxy websites . here is the Link
  2. Watch online 2010 FIFA world cup | TV Bunch – I think this is the most popular site on this and always comes on the front pages of google when searching this.
  3. Watch world cup 2010 football live online for free | atdhe – I think this site is made only for this purpose. This is had become popular recently. Link
  4. Watch Football World Cup Online | – I think they not only displays live telecast of just wordpress matches, They provide live telecast of most of all matches
  5. World Cup 2010 south-Africa Live | MyP2P – I think they are taking much initiatives to broadcast the worldcup online for free. They even shows the fixture and schedule of the next matches and their time
  6. Watch World cup 2010 and other sports matches Online | Iraq goals The name shows an Iraq in it, but it shows not just world-cup matches. Live telecast of most of all sports matches and football matches too included
  7. Watch FIFA world cup 2010 | Streaming football matches – It’s a French site but supports translations to another languages also. But i don’t think it will be hard to watch FIFA world cup online with them eventhough it is in french. How language matters here …… !
  8. Watch 2010 FIFA World cup | Watch Online TV – good site but filled with ads and very bad design. But i believes that they all are nothing in front of football love !
  9. Watch 2010 FIFA World Cup Africa | Live streaming Football – Another broadcasting site dedicated for football. They may love to take great effort to present the fifa 2010 world cup in the most attractive way in front of you.
  10. Watch Online 2010 FIFA world cup | tvchannelsfree – Another site which i feel to be trustable and have pretty good design and service
  11. Warch FIFA world cup 2010 online for free | Internet TV – They provides broadcast of most of all programs and shows online.

If you knows anymore sites like this which allows the users to watch 2010 FIFA world cup (south-Africa) for free, please feel free to send them to me……

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