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Blogussion Thesis theme now available for Blogger

Thesis is one of the most used WordPress theme, which can be easily customized and has several custom versions. Out of them the Blogussion Inspired is it’s most popular and stylish version. I was really impressed by that theme and i used it for a long time. But as I wanted some changes, my theme too  changed but still i like it really very much. I’m now creating a blogger template inspired by it and hopes it can be made as better as it’s thesis version. But the Good news is that, While surfing the web last day, I found that one guy from a site called hacktweaks has converted the thesis theme to blogger and now, for the big surprise,  he had succesfully converted the blogussion Inspired theme too into blogger.

blogussion thesis theme for blogger

As a lover of blogspot, i’m really impressed by this and I’m sure that several bloggers would be pleased with these themes. I don’t know if he had got permissions, or copyright to convert these themes. I’ll post the download link once I’m sure that he got the permissions.Checkout the theme

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  1. Quite liked the theme but sadly, someone did it before you. It is very attractive. Please post the “download” link once you are confirmed.

  2. Rajeel,
    Thanx for featuring this template in your blog..
    Suraz @

  3. Hi Rajeel,thanks for the review and conversion of that great theme.Unfortunately,that link is broken and the site that converted it is no longer. Wonder how’s your version coming along.

  4. Thanks Rajeel, I just downloaded it.
    You deserve that visitors stay at your blog, so adding target=”_blank” to your outbound links will help.
    I just noticed it when i went to download and almost clicked the “X”. For some reason, I dont like the back button very much.

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