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Find who’s Invisible in Gtalk , Gmail

On My Last post , I explained how one can be ‘Invisible’ in gtalk and gmail.Now In this post I’m explaining how you can find which of your friends are invisible in gtalk/gmail .This trick is also as simple as being Invisible.As the simple trick I explained was not professional, It can be simply identified by this method.From my experience, Any professional method can be detected by this method, As this is not a tool but a hack.

The first trick we done with Gmail, But this we can [we have to] do with Gtalk. As i said before , this is also a very very simple process.What you need is to just select the ‘Off the records option’.

Now , After you have selected this option , just leave a massage to your friend.

If you get the ‘off line massage’ in red color , Then he is offline ,…. But if it is not ……………
You’ll be an expert who catches all your invisible friends……………….

And , My dear readers , If you know any other professional methods to ‘find who’s invisible’ or if you know any trick which can break this method , then please post it with your name here as a comment.

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  1. dude any method to find invisiblemsn messenger, hotmail users??

  2. Thanks for Great Tip , Good tweak Prince

  3. Thanks for your Tips

  4. Find invisible users of Google talk easily. A small program which can be run in any Operating System.

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  6. I am always invstigating online for ideas that can benefit me. Thank you!

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