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How to protect your Facebook Account from hackers

How to protect your facebook account from hackers
Facebook is the encyclopedia where all your personal informations lies and which everyone loves to break into and play with. Eventhough Facebook is trying to improve it’s security and privacy options day-by-day, there are a lot of Facebook accounts getting hacked day-by-day. Since it contains most of all your personal informations and is linked with the accounts of all of your friends, families and society, it would be a worst nightmare and huge hazard if someone hacks it. He can do anything on your name – he can post an adult pic or video on your friends wall, he can change your profile pic, he can chat with your girlfriend, he can screw your boss, ……….. he can do anything and you will be blamed for all of those. Technically speaking, it’s always ‘prevention is better than cure’ and i don’t know why we are still not bothered about theis ‘prevention’ thing.

Here i am telling you 5 important and simplest security tips that could help to make your FB account more secure.

  1. Reduce using facebook from public computers or public wifi ;-
    There is a lot of chance for getting hacked, when you use public network or public PC (read: How to hack your friend’s facebook account through wifi) . If you are to use from there, always remember to ‘log out’ when you leaves and never to remember the passwords on that coumputer. It would be better if you just clean the History, by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+del’ on your browser
  2.  Enable HTTPS Secure Browsing :
    Actually, just like any other site, Facebook too is set to HTTP but they are caring to provide us with the option for secure browsing in HTTPS [ Account -> Account Settings -> Security -> Secure browsing]. It can help you to protect your account form hackers who tries to infiltrate your account through wifi or other networks (read : How to protect your facebook account from firesheep / faceniff hackers). Also, browsing in https makes it hard or impossible for several malwares and hackers to spy your FB details.
  3. Change your Passwords periodically :
    This is considered as a good security practice, not only in case of FB, but in total internet security. It would be better if you change your passwords periodically and it may not be some dictionary words or your phone numbers (don’t be the biggest fool 🙁 ) . Try to make some strong passwords with the combination of letters, words and special characters.
  4. Connect your mobile phone with Facebook ;-
    There are several success stories of my friends who had defeated the hackers just because they had enabled ‘facebook for mobile’. It’s a simple process and a must if you are using FB from your smart phones. If your account is hacked, you can get it back from mobile and some friends told me that even when the hackers had changed their account password, they were able to access their account through their smart phones and believe me, i had witnessed it. So i would tell you that it is essential security tip for your site.
  5. Look out : Be aware and obey the ‘security code’ :-
    This is not just a simple tip. It is merly an advice that you should orMUST follow. Look out for anti-virus / malwares/ key loggers in your system. Use a good anti-virus software in your PC and try to stay away from unhealthy usage of internet.I would list some important security code / security practices that you should follow to secure your FB account below (6-10)Hack facebook account with phone
  6. Facebook asks your facebook username and password only when you log in to it. They won’t ask it to you through mail – If you get any such mail, make sure that they are dumped in your spam folder
  7. Never give your facebook username and password in any 3rd party sites which you don’t trust.
  8. Whenever you are taken to the facebook login page through any 3rd party sites, make sure that the domain of the page is There are a lot of chances that it may be a phishing site unless it is in the domain
  9. Never click on any suspecious links sent to you by strangers, even if you have a short term online relation with him/her (most probably, that will be a her 🙂 )
  10. You may see posts on your walls by your dearest friend (maybe !), which tells “watch hot *** $$#@$@ ” or “click here to see ##$@$#”, or videos with stunning names like ‘3 yr old boy climbing everest’ and all. Remember that these kind of uncultured / unscientific / unnatural words or posts are originated as a result of some malware codes and your friend may be a victim of such an attack. Try to keep away from such links or posts

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  1. Common sense as well takes a lot in taking responsibility of one’s actions against hackers. Like logging out your account, first is you mustn’t enable the pc to remember your account. Even at home, there are lots of people visiting you and maybe beg to use your pc or even phone to log on their accounts as well. This takes one to an awareness even friends hacked yours also.

  2. Thankfully, my account has never been hacked except when a friend grabs my phone. But I did have a phone whose phone got hacked over a public wifi. Thankfully no real damage was done but definitely important to keep a watchful eye and definitely use the HTTPS

  3. kavita@gadgetforgeek

    Don’t know why these hackers are free to hack other accounts don’t they have other good things to do where their hacking will prove good. A safe side is always there as you said. anyhow good post

  4. I still wonder why my friends often say their accounts getting hacked often. I am going to suggest them all these 10 points. Thanx for the article man!!!

  5. Pradeep | Slashsquare

    A perfect password is a MUST for every social network and avoid clicking mysterious links, even if it comes from your close buddies.

  6. Heard an interesting story on NPR yesterday regarding how younger generations (which I am a part of) don’t take their internet security as serious as the older ones. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but basically a tradeoff. They’re saying “yeah I’ll voluntarily put this information out there in exchange for more relevant ads, offers, etc.”. The downside is obviously you give hackers clues that can be used to retrieve or guess passwords, etc.

  7. Hello Everyone – First of all thanks to the author of this article for sharing these useful tips. Well according to me these facebook tips are must for everyone as nowadays hackers are very clever they are just looking for the single mistake of users and they stole their Precious Account. So – my advice to everyone is to must follow this tips

  8. samuel@book on blogging

    this tips here has been helpful in protecting my facebook account against been hacked and i just want to say thanks 🙂

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