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What to do when your Email account get hacked / hacked / Compramised

How to recover your compramised emailIt will be a situation that you can’t imagine, when your email account get hacked. It’s the worst of all the nightmares and is something you can’t even think of. Today, everyone’s personal / business email accounts contains a lot of details like bank account details, family pictures, business documents, Hidden secrets, conversation …… There’s everything someone could use to make you a flop. What if some hacker – who does anything for money, infiltrate your email account and hurt your privacies. Don’t think that it won’t happen or it may not come to you ….. It may can ! You may be the next ! There’s something we cant change and you call it as fate or whatever. But there’s always an open door. Here we are searching for the open door in front of you when your email account get hacked.

If it’s a gmail account, you will lose everything like your G+, blogger, feedburner, picasa … etc. So It’s really unthinkable. If it’s Yahoo, you will lose your yahoo mail and flickr accounts, if its hotmail, you will lose your myspace and email accounts. All these are gonna create serious headache and there is chance that he may misuse them. so, Let’s look what to do ?

Way in – 1:

Click the ‘Forget your password’ button. Eventhough this has the least chance, if the hacker hasn’t changed the security question and secondary email- Then you can directly get to your account. You just want to answer the security question or the password will be mailed to your secondary email account

Way in -!! :

Since most of all hackers will change the security question and secondary email as their first step, the only way in front of you is to contact the customer care directly. You may provide a well written email along with most of all details attached with it. Rather than sending a mail directly, it will be more effective if you could go through their ‘contact us’ form or such pages that provide assistance for those who lose their accounts hacked.

For eg: In gmail, it’s

In yahoo, i think there is no such form but you can contact them directly. They are so helpful and personally, i got one of my account which was hacked, from them. I just mailed them by atttaching most of the details about my account includeing

  • The emails i was getting the most mails from
  • My previous security question’
  • My previous secondary email address
  • My mobile number
  • My flicker profile
  • My facebook profile (just to show them i m real 🙂 )
  • The approx. date when i created the mail
And I got a message from them to my secondary mailing adress  telling me to wait for 1 more day and the next day i got my password reseted.
This is the most possible way to get your account back from any email providers including Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail, webmail,,, and all the rest
Feel free to ask me your doubts and problems.

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