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How to send Music / Audio files through bluetooth on android

Eventhough android is one of the best OS for mobile phones, it too have some bugs (You can call that, 🙂 ) in it. Recently  i found one of such bug in my LG Optimus one (android 2.2 Froyo). That is, I can’t sent Audio files / MP3 files through Bluetooth to any files. Since we, The teenagers are really crazy about music, we can’t tolerate when someone limits our freedom of sharing ( ;)Really ). But we are also smarter to find a solution too :).

How to send Music / Audio files through bluetooth on android

The fact i found was that, I can sent images, videos or even pdf files through Bluetooth. But problems comes for audio files only. It starts to sent but will stuck in the 0% itself and doesn’t reach the other phone. Then i understood that it was just a bug, which the google’s ‘googles’ had lost. But I find a solution. This problem happens with default bluetooth option only. If you use and app from market, i used one called Bluetooth File Transfer, and sees no problem.

If you add this app, you can see a better filemanager, that allows you to sent files over bluetooth easily, including the music files. I hope there are altranatives for this that can be used. Anyway, i prefer this as i am also using this. 🙂

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  1. yes u r rite rajeel,i too have lg optimus p 500 and dint able to send mp3 and images but i found blue tooth file transfer on android market,now i can send anything.iam so happy now.

  2. use real player for android, no matter what your android version is , it will transfer any file (pics, audio, video) via Bluetooth, just select the file and go to share- Bluetooth and it will transfer

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