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Which is the best network for android in india

We had been concentrating on android – one of the most discussed mobile OS. I had posted several posts on android on the weblogs all around the web and is very happy with my droid – lg optimus one. But last day while guiding a friend who wants to buy a droid, i realized how important it is, to guide them on case of their network selection also. Because, people are not able to make the most out of them, with a busy network with slowest GPRS on it. Also, it really matters as if a worse network can adversely affect the performance of your droid and your pockets, too :).

Why so Specific About Android ?

I know that you may be asking the same question. Eventhough Android is a great OS, why to have a different style of observation in selecting the network for it ? I’ll explain.

Android is an OS Which has a great connection with the web also. Most of all apps, settings, syncs etc of your droid maybe connected to internet and your phone will be using quite a good amount of data from net. So it is very very important to select the plan according to your need.

Also, Android phones have a lot of apps in their apps market which attracts you. You can get them by downloading only. So, you have to include that too in your usage. So be more careful about GPRS

Also, Since most of all droids are smart phones, they allows messages upto a limited characters. If your sms are longer than it, they are sent as 2 or 3 sms. This could eat up your money or your SMS offers. So be careful about SMS offers too, if you are bothering to sent them.

So I think you had Understood why we need to have a specific criteria for selecting an appropriate network for android. So Let’s discuss.

Which is the best GSM Network Provider for android Smartphones in india ?

Here I am discussing the popular brands only, whom are the only one you should bring to consider


Eventhough it is allied with the Government, they don’t have any good rate cutters for 2G GPRS Internet. But when it comes to 3G, They are the King. They have the cheapest and reliable 3G network in India. If you are a businessman or a impatient one, 3G is for you, You can surf the web on the speed of (may be better than a) Broadband Connection. Eventhough the cheapest one, 3G still costs a little for you. It coud be somewhat good amount and most probably, more than what you have to pay for a broadband connection of same speed and bandwidth. But Still it’s 3G and has the Value !


They had been the GSM Kings since nearest time. But I think that their crown and even their throne is shaking. Due to their large number of customers, their GPRS internet – One of the most famous GPRS service, has lost their speed and quality. Eventhough they had somewhat decent gprs plans, their speed sucks. There good customer service and their glorious brand still makes them difference. But economically, i don’t think that they are fit for your droid.


They are the Budding blossom of the GSM Industry. If Airtel is the Old Aged king, Then DOCOMO is the wise and handsome prince. They offers the Best GPRS Speed of about 20- 30 kbps and have the best and cheapest plans that anyone can carry. With DOCOMO, you can get 2GB Internet with one month validity for just Rs.48, which is more than enough for an average Android user. It is the best plan. If you want more, to download more movies or anything else, you could get the plan of Rs.97, which gives you a usage of 6GB. Fair rates , right ?

Personally, I use DOCOMO and have a great experience with them. The Rs.48 package is fit for me and my usage. In case of SMS, i can get 100 SMS for just Rs.0.60. They just charge 60ps for the 1st sms and the next 99 SMS are free. That also sounds good for me. I only want to spent for sms whenever i need it only. I don’t want to recharge with Rs.44, as i did with airtel(1 month validity).

The only drawback i sees in them is that they have a bit low network coverage when compared to their competers. I hope that they can solve them in the future. If they does, there is no doubt that they will be the new Kings in Telecom Industry.


Eventhough they had came up with super value GPRS Packages now, their Internet speed sucks. They are an International company, I agree. But i don’t find that standard in their service or customer cares. They just want to squeeze even the last coin from you, that’s their policy. They just activate some service without even consulting with you and will cut from your balance for all that. Their customer care also sucks and have the same policy. Since i found them stealing my balance, i banned them from my kingdom ;). That’s why, even if they have some good plans, i don’t prefer using them


They are a special kind of team. I have also got the most least internet speed from them and also the best. They have just introduced some value packages like 6GB internet for Rs.98 and all. but it haven’t reached in every circles. They have some anyhow good plans, and the speed depends upon your location i think. Eventhough i have full range, sometimes i won’t get much speed from idea, wheras, in the Town, i’m always getting a 20 kbps speed. I don’t prefer it but if you are with Idea, it’s better that you may carry on as they are far better than most of its competors.


They have been one of the well known company in india, due to recent 2G spectrum issues. But I should tell you that their services are great. They are also, just like docomo, focusing on youth. They have some awesome plans and obeys that tradition in case of gprs too. Their speed is also good, but not as much as DOCOMO. I think they were the first one to start the pocket internet services. But still, i think  DOCOMO is cheaper than them

My Conclusion

Since i got my droid and was aware of how it’s network should be, after careful research and examination, i ported my No. from Airtel to DOCOMO. As far as I’m concerned, i think DOCOMO is the best. They have the best speed and the cheapest service ! If you recharge with Rs.48, that’s enough for you for a month. With the 2GB Free usage, You can download any apps, download music, chat 24×7, upload photos, browse at high speed…..and everything. I think it’s all what you need. Even if you recharge for Rs.98, it’s just a waste and if you want to do that in long run, you should quite spend a handful amount. With this Rs.48 plan, For a complete year, you only want to spent about Rs.575, wheras all other providers cost you a minimum of Rs 1100+, if you calculate at a rate of Rs 95 /- monthly.

So with DoCoMo, you can get the  best speed service at almost half of the price of other networks.

So I Prefers to use DOCOMO to your Droids. What do you say ?

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  1. KarenSaulmy@hemorrhoids

    I recently did a firmware upgrade to mine and managed to wipe the whole phone, so wish I had bought a Iphone

  2. Does different network companies differ the performer of smartphones? I always looking for pricing 1st 🙂

  3. casey@weightlossafterpregnancy

    We must know this kind of information. Having a great phone requires a great responsibility too.

  4. I have to partly agree with you.. Yeah DOCOMO does offer some great cost cutters but the signal is drastically worst… which is a bug nightmare for the users..

    • That’s really true… I suffer it ! As i told, That’s the one and only problem i finds with DOCOMO. But It’s 100% sure that they can’t leave it like that, as their users are increasing. I hope that they will improve your coverage and if it’s done – They will be the best.

  5. Credit Card Faq

    I have no android, smart phone, I would like to have a good little phone, but it is really expensive.

  6. I believe that choosing the right network for the android is also a big factor on the performance of it… We know that android is expensive so we should use the most out of it…

  7. To be honest I was not aware of the fact that the network provider mattered in the performance of a smart phone. To me the cost of the service mattered more!

    • Cost and service matters , but if your network is slugguish one, there is no use with it. I’m glad that you understood it.

      Welcome to labofweb 🙂

  8.  James K. Trent

    Android is really expensive so we have to choose the right network so that it can be used as much as we can avoiding damages…

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