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Which Is The Best Browser For Android

Having  an Ideal OS and an Ideal link between the mobile phones and Internet, An Android user have carefully select his Web browser. A browser is the connecting link between the surfer and the virtual world. A bad browser can surely ruin your browsing experience and can interrupt your works. You have to spent time while selecting the browser or the complete show will be a waste. I see that there is a lot confusion in case of selecting a browser, as different websites reviews different ones as the best. I gets a lots of request from my friends and my Facebook inbox was filled with such kind of androids-app related questions. As a part of that, i guessed to start a series and guide our readers on it. so for today, let’s discuss which is the best browser app for android !

Which Is The Best Browser For Android

Actually, there is no such a best browser app for android. If someone ask you that “who is the most beautiful person in the world ? “, ten of you will give ten different answers ! That’s the same Idea here also. It all depends upon you. Unlike beauty, the browser depends upon how you need them, why you need them, your network coverage etc and all other features. Here i will guide you how to select them, the criterias, the popular browsers and the browser fit for your criteria. So at the end, there will be 3 or 4 browsers and you should select the one described in your section only. Let’s start the discussion with the android’s default browser.

Android Browser

Actually, i don’t know if it has any other name. But personally it is one of my favorite browser. it’s simple, easy and fast. I love it very much and often wondered, on the earlier day, why people are running for other browsers. But it was later that i discovered the need for other browsers and how they are. But if you are a user who use internet occassionally for things llike checking mails, checking prices, any websites / portals, reviews etc and have somewhat decent internet connection, the Default browser is fit for you. But if you are an everyday user or a multimedia bluff, you may go for other ones.

Opera Mini

My Favorite ! Even if you are on a very low coverage area with your 2G network and a low speed connection, you can browse the web just like you do in a 3G network. It’s so FAST, easy, simple , reliable, and have several features like speed dials, history, bookmarks, zooming etc. It’s Ideal if you don’t have a 3G network or if you are an inpatient man – It can fetch pages very very fast due to it’s super cache servers and can significantly reduce the cost / data usage by reducing the page sizes. I prefer this to all who doesn’t have a 3G /Wi-Fi network. I also wants to add that i haven’t find not even an able opponent for opera Mini. This is the most used browser in android and also in rest of all other OS. Even if you are not going for it, i always prefer to try it, for it is the best as it as far as i had seen !


It’s the most popular social browser for android. It integrates Facebook, twitter etc and supports several other popullar pages, feeds, google reader, news etc. It helps to load flash videos even in device that doesn’t supports video. Skyfire enables users to play millions of flash videos from the web that otherwise do not play or play poorly on mobiles and also socialize his browser and gives him instant access to the social share sections. It’s preferable for you if you are a clubbable networking addict or if you are going for multimedia and some fun on your phone.

Firefox for android

I had thought twice if i want to add it here or not. Because even though it supports tabs, session restore, add-ons and all and also it is from Mozilla, the most popular community. Still i didn’t found any good in it, may be because it is the first version. It loads page very very slow and has a very huge size of about 11mb and takes a lot of time to start. So, i think it is not worth to be tried at this stage !

Dolphin HD Browser

Shouting that mobiles are the new age computers, there are some apps that comes and works in your droids just as in your PC. The Dolphin Browser is an example for that. It have all features that your PC browser have. It have tabbed views, Add-ons, Gestures, Bookmarks folder, Multi Touch pinch zoom, User Agent Switcher, Save Page, Downloads, and much more. It also supports Flash, several themes, add ons and much more. If you have an high end device and network, GO FOR IT. You can browse just like you does in your PC. To access most of all option, you just want to draw some figures/images/letters in the screen. It is marked as the most powerful browser available for firefox.


If you are not a regular internet user and use it for simple things only, then i prefer to use the default browser itself, for it is, in short, GREAT ! It has speed, is simple, have most common option, and have a good interface. If you are an impatient one like me, prefering speed over everything else, Opera mini is for you. If you are the fool using internet only for social networking and multimedia, then SkyFire is compleatly dedicated for you. Firefox is for mozilla fans only, at this stage, and Dolphin HD is for you if you have a high end device, a good network and want to do browsing in style – go for it. You can spice it up with useful add ons and themes and it has all features that your firefox or chrome offers you.

Anyway, i should tell you that i’m the one prefering Opera mini, for it is the simplest, fast, relaible and as far as i’m concerned – The best one ! It supports multimedia, pinch in zoom, tabs, feeds, boomarks and everything a common user needs. If you don’t have any special intutions, i tells you to go for the Opera Mini.

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  1. Yes I agree with you. I also use opera mini for faster and simple browsing. This type of browser is supporting multimedia, bookmarks, feeds and a lot more. This can really help you lighten your tasks.

  2. Thanks. A nice list there. I like Opera.

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