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Giveaway : How to get Google +(plus) Invites for Labofweb readers

Google plus is the google’s new social network, which i love to call as the hybrid of twitter, facebook and orkut. It looks really like the facebook and it include several extrafeatures like google buzz( like twitter), picasa web albums etc associated with it. It was just launched 2 days ago and luckily i got an invitation. I do love to welcome more of our friends to the new Google +, the new project.

We are not standing on strong ground rules like we will share the invitations with our regular readers only. We will sent the Google+ Invitation to all who comments here after doing the 3 steps given below ;-

  1. Follow me on twitter and retweet this post
  2. Like our Facebook Page and share this post
  3. [optional]Β Sent a feedback of our site – Good one and bad one will get the same poing

If you have done these, then comment here with your

  • Tweeted URL and Id
  • Facebook Username and URL
  • Gmail ID

And by the time you finish, we will be busy inviting you … !!

NB : We have invited several readers, but those who are participating we need to tell you two things ;-

1. It won’t take much time to post a ‘Thank you’ in the comments here. so far, we have only found 2 or 3 people commenting here after they got their Google + invitations. If you say that you got it , it’d be an inspiration for others who joins the Giveaway

2. Please don’t try to fool us ! We will check if you have done the task or not. It takes us a lot of time and still there are several lazy bastards who tries to fool us by commenting their profile IDs only, and not liking or retweeting. I didn’t ever find it as such a BIG big task. I don’t know what’s the problem with you guys … oh !

So for the Smooth going of this Giveaway, let us hand togeather πŸ™‚

About Rajeel

I'm Rajeel, a teen blogger from India who loves computers, sports, internet and all other kind of tech stuffs. This blog thing is one of my favourite hobby and the one that eats up much of my time. But Really, I'm loving it :) Find me in G+


  1. Twitter ID : @ryanclough
    Retweeted URL:!/ryanclough/status/86988025950773248

    couldn’t like your page on facebook, link redirected back to Home.


    • The link has been updated. Pls check now, anyway i’ll sent invitation to you 3 since the fault is with me πŸ™‚ Pls notify here once you get the invitations

  2. Andrew collette

    twitter Andy_collette
    URL tweeted
    your facebook link didn’t work, but i did join your group @

    please send me an invite


  3. My twitter I’d is smartygirl2 here is the retweeted tweet: my Facebook user name is Myaia Holmes my URL is: I joined the Web of Lab group because I couldn’t find the page. My gmail email is

  4. > Tweeted URL:!/NMRG
    > Id: @NMRG

    > Facebook Username: Angie Lombard
    > URL:

    > Gmail ID:

    > I joined the Web of Lab group because facebook link didn’t work.

  5. my twitter id @rednishat

    re-tweeted here >

    your fb page link still not working.But i joined the group….@

    My facebook profile here@

    My gmail id is rednishat[at]
    plz replace [at] with @ kindly
    i am waiting for the invitation!
    Thank you!

  6. Following you now. Requesting an invite. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, I really want to join the google plus community!
    All steps above done plz check my status in both FB and
    Thank you very much.

  8. Twitter: DM Lock, retweeted!/dmlock
    Facebook: Danielle Lockwood
    Gmail: lockwooddm (@)

    Thanks so much!

  9. gmail : michellerothman9 at gmail
    retweeted : michellelisar
    shared on facebook : michelle rothman

    thanks so much, Hopefully you will send an invite :=)

    take care

  10. Hello!
    My twitter id is @johnfconway John Conway
    My gmail is johnfrancisconway [at]

  11. Twitter: @brunnerjosh –!/brunnerjosh/status/88042495862259712
    Facebook: Josh Brunner –
    Gmail ID:

    Thank you so much!

  12. Got my invite! Thx a ton u rock.


  13. Hey I really want to get invited to Google+ and I’ve done the 2 steps above:

    Here’re my links!/DarcraUffi/status/88162638550401026
    gmail –

  14. Hey!!

    I’m not sure how to show you the tweet, but my twitter URL is!/AndrewDeiner

    My facebook is

    My gmail id is Please replace the “at” with @. Also, please tell me if I did this wrong/if I need to do anything else!!


  15. Tweeted URL and Id:!/yzzl91

    Facebook Username and URL: William Teo,

    Gmail ID:

    Thanks for invitation

  16. retweeted url:!/retweets
    twitter id: smitty152

    Facbook url:
    ID: derek smith

    google id:


    Sorry bout the other url, I wiped my whole tweets.

  18. hey i did it now can u send me d request…


    plzzz do d honor ….i done it all

  19. facebook: sidharth sharma-

    twitter- sidhs 77

  20. twitter url-!/sidhs77

    gmail id :-

  21. Twitter id: idatta
    FB: idatta1
    Gmail :

  22. Info to Receive Google Plus Invitation

    Twitter: @rpadovani09!/rpadovani09/status/88314435575353344

    FB Name – Ryan Padovani
    FB Username: lif3less

    Gmail ID:

    I also left feedback as well regarding the website. Bookmarked as well, added to favs.

  23. Hi please can I have an invite. Have followed the instructions.

    Twitter: @alanclinch –!/AlanClinch/status/88234567575670784
    Facebook: Alan Clinch –
    Gmail ID:

    FB: engr3os

    All the steps followed.
    Please I need the invite asap

  25. Pranshul Chauhan

    I’m following you on twitter:!/ChauhanPranshul/following/people

    I’ve liked your fbook page:

    Please invite boss πŸ˜€


  26. Got it. Im now in Google plus πŸ™‚

  27. Janette Parisi

    FB id: Janette Parisi

    Twitte ID FabulaAesopica

    Done all the step, waiting for you now;)


  28. Hay Dude I’ve just started to follow U on twitter
    My ID is : Yashiauuu
    I don’t have to many followers coz m new to twitter but I have Posted yor link on my FB wall…
    U can check it out at
    So please send me an invite…
    Hope U will……!! πŸ™‚

  29. Twitter:!/calvinstein – ID: calvinstein

    Facebook:!/ – Username: Monch Mercader
    Google ID: (its a paid google mail account)

    Thanks in advance!

  30. fb address
    email address :

    please send me an invite to google plus =). thank you!!

  31. I liked it and referenced it so hopefully you can see it .

  32. I did everything whatever you have mentioned above. please send me an invitation of google+. thank you.

  33. Tiwtter!/bobissett
    ID bobissett

    user name bobissett


    Good way to get people in. See what other content you can find to keep people coming back. Thanks!

  34. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Tweeted URL:!/tomass129/status/88550660022345728
    Tweeter ID: tomass129

    Facebook URL:
    Facebook Username: Tome88

    Gmail ID:

    thank you! I made a lot of effort…

  35. My URL twitter:!/gonmasia
    My Facebook URL:
    My email:

    Plaese send me an invitatios for google plus.THK

  36. Please invited me

    Twitter: LTFrankDaTank

    please send me an invite to google plus =) t0o0o0o Thanks

  37. Hi, please drop me an invite, will be much appreciated!

    Tweeted URL and ID: Twitter:!/ScuzzerMusic
    Facebook Username; Craig Evans
    Facebook URL:!/profile.php?id=515101511
    Gmail ID:

  38. liked, can i plz get an invite?

  39. thanx for invitation

  40. Twitter!/alliestuveyo
    Google ID: alliestuveyo (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thank you!

  41. My Twitter : @damacz


    Gmail :

    Please Invite me..

  42. Twitter ID: @BilantoBean21
    Twitter URL:!/Bilantobean21
    Facebook: @Alex21Lihach

    Hopefully get the google plus invite! thanks

  43. Tweeted URL and ID: Twitter:!/Satishboora
    Facebook Username; Satish Boora
    Facebook URL: http://
    Gmail ID:
    please drop me an invite, will be much appreciated

  44. Done
    Twitter id ishaan_verma

    Facebook username Ishaan Verma

  45. send me the invitation to google +
    gmail id :

  46. send me the invitation to google +
    gmail id :
    facebook URL :

  47. Tweeted URL-
    Id- iamgoodu

    Facebook Username – GEORGE MATHEW
    and URL –
    Gmail ID –

  48. Twitter ID: subserved92
    Retweeted URL from your tweet: Want #googleplusinvitations, go to

    Liked your page: labofweb Facebook profile:

    Gmail ID:

    Need to have a share button for this post to facebook. πŸ˜‰

    • Sorry Brian, your tweets are protected and we can’t find your head on our facebook page πŸ™

      I can’t do anything

      • Tweets are now unprotected and for some reason, I had to select Like again on labofweb page. Sorry about that. Looking forward to you inviting me.

  49. Shubhendu Garg!/ShubhGarg

    facebook id… Shubh.garg
    plz snd a invite at gmail …

  50. Tweeted URL and Id —!/dsasavio / user name :- dsasavio Facebook Username and URL — / user name :- Savio D’sa
    Gmail ID :- dsa.savio
    emal address :-

  51. twitter id : bhavin9898
    facebook username: bhavin pancholi
    Gmail ID:

  52. Braden Estenson

    idk how to get retweet url but its my latest tweet:!/Braden123135

    facebook name is Braden Estenson, url is

    gmail: πŸ™‚

  53. twitter

    Richard Torralba


  54. Twitter ID: mralexlee!/mralexlee
    Facebook Username : Alex Lee*******
    eGmail ID:*********************

    Thanks, I hope this works!

  55. Twitter ID: KyWEGO!/KyWEGO

    Facebook Username: Thomas Demond


    Thanks for the invite.

  56. Hello! Please send me a google plus invitation, I did everything!

    Tweeted URL and Id:
    Facebook Username and URL
    -Stephen Lynch
    Gmail ID


  57. braden Estesnon

    πŸ™ my google account is set up with the wrong age! please invite my other account
    facebook: Braden Estenson:


    please! im realy sorry for asking you to do it again.

  58. following you now and like your facebook page now send me invitation

  59. Twitter ID:
    Facebook Username: lime.popsicle
    Philip Etherington
    gmail ID:

  60. twitter MathieuBoiteau, i retweeted your link this morning, and I’ve put a “like” on your FB also
    please send me an invite


  61. Adrian Figueroa

    RT URL:!/rajeelkp/status/87510459133083648
    Twitter URL:!/adrianfig19

    Facebook name: Adrian Figueroa
    Facebook URL:

    Please send me the invite! πŸ™‚

  62. i tweeted , liked on facebook and providing you my google id. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz……. send me an invitation for google plus at

  63. did you invite me?

  64. Thanks in advance for the google + invite :))

  65. one more time, hopefully this works

    twitter id :!/flutos

  66. Hi Rajeel, followed all the steps.

    Following and retweeted by twitter Id traderdxb retweet URL =!/rajeelkp/status/86985528959967232

    Liked on facebook under traderdxb@gmail.com

    A little fedback on your site: I am not sure if I can give a site-wide feedback, love the content but the pages sometime take very long to load fully due to the various ads. I know not much can be done about that but just my opinion:)


  67. tnx for the inv man! finally can log in to G+ let’s see how it works

  68. Akshat Chourey

    Twitter ID: akshatchourey!/akshatchourey

    Facebook Username: Akshat Chourey

    Gmail ID:

    Thanks..I hope, u’ll send it..

  69. My Twitter is @gefferin!/Geffferin

    Facebook =

    Facebok Username = Brad James King Garrison

    Gmail =

    I’d be ecstatic if I get one

  70. Tweeted URL tweeted!/rajeelkp/status/88057154912780289
    Twitter ID : water_phoenix3
    Facebook Username : Alteran
    Facebook URL :
    I liked your page and share it on my wall

    Please send a invite
    I apologize if I posted twice

  71. hey pls invite me for google plus

    my id is

  72. hey pls invite me for google plus

    my id is

    thank you!!!!

  73. Tweeted URL and Id :!/ansjacob

    Facebook Username and URL :
    Ansue Jacob!/ansjacob

    Gmail ID :

  74. twitter ID – mattesterman!/mattesterman
    facebook – matthew speechless

    gmail –

    thank you very much!

  75. Twitter ID: Topramen15
    Gmail ID:

    Thanks so much!!!

  76. Joseph Constantino

    Hey there. Please send me an invite to Google+!!!

    My twitter is:
    Facebook (Joseph Constantino)is:
    Email is:

    Thank you!!!

  77. Tweeted URL and Id:!/arunnercoding
    Facebook Username and URL:
    Gmail ID:arunnercoding

    Thanks!! πŸ˜€

  78. Twitter:!/MaxLovesCookies
    Max Luchtmeijer
    Gmail ID:

    i’ll comment if i have recieved my invitation

  79. twitter id: @jacob_khanis
    tweeted url:!/Jacob_Khanis/status/89502399609315328
    facebook username: jacob.khanis
    facebook url:
    gmail id:

    I also left positive feedback on the site! πŸ™‚

  80. Gmail:
    Facebook URL / Username:
    Twitter (With tweeted post this time):!/etheringtonp

    Please Invite me πŸ™‚

  81. my twitter id nikhil_pruthi

    my twitted url.

    i joined ur page my facebook url is

    username nikhil pruthi


  82. my twiiter username nikhil_pruthi


    facebook username nikhil pruthi

    facebook url.

    i follow ur all conditions

    gmail id

  83. Hi Rajeel, I retweeted under my twitter-id traderdxb here is the link

    Also following you on facebook under

    As to your site, I like the content but sometimes the pages take too long to load because of the ads – which I guess is part of online life now:)


  84. i am following you in twitter and i liked your page in facebook
    my facebook link is
    and my twitter link is!/MuzeebK
    so now please send me google+ invitation my email id is

  85. I had done all you said
    my twitter
    my fb

    my email-

  86. hi all done I sent you an email via the contact form because i don’t want my details to be publicly available.
    I look forward to getting the invitation.

  87. Twitter Name: AReinholz
    Twitter URL:!/AReinholz

    Facebook Name: Andrew Reinholz
    Facebook URL:


    I think I got it all done. Plz send an invite.

  88. That post seems to have gone but, i re tweeted your tweet on my profile, i couldn’t share the post on facebook down to ‘permission error’ not sure if it is something i done but i did like your lab of web pages, username petehelmore to check your pages for the like. Gmail address

  89. My Twitter Account : @faiqhayaza Already Follow You Now
    My Facebook Account : Faiq Hayaza Already Like Your Page
    My Facebook URL :
    My Twitter URL :!/faiqhayaza

    My Mail :
    Please Send And Invite Me πŸ™‚

  90. Thiebadharshan

    Retweet Url:https:!/rajeelkp/status/88057472278994945
    Tweeter url :!/Thiebadharshan

    Facebook Name: Thiyagarajah Thiebadharshan
    Facbook Post Shared url:

    Google ID :
    please send me an invite quickly.

  91. twitter: @parker_benj

    Proof of tweet:!/parker_benj


    Google plus invite please!!

  92. Melanchthon Philip

    Twitter = EEgor ; Link =!/EEgor
    Facebook = Melanchthon Philip ; Link =
    Gmail =

    Thanks a million buddy!

  93. Hi i followed you on twitter and if you go to my page you will see i have re-tweeted your tweet
    Facebook, I couldn’t share the post down to ‘permission error’ not sure if something i done wrong but i did like this page


  94. Twitter ID=!/Peacecraft67 or @peacecraft67, i dont know how to post a specific tweet but its my latest one.

    Facebook name=jacky treehorn


    Thank you so much in advance and i appreciate the opportunity to get involved!

  95. Hello! My name is Julia, and I would really like a Google+ invitation! Thank you so much for this generous opportunity!

    My twitter username is ecogirl1234, and the link to my tweet is:!/ecogirl1234/status/89866532833861632

    My facebook username is Julia Warner, and the link to my profile is:

    And finally, my email address is

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate this! πŸ™‚

  96. twitter id @jjkelly244
    twitter url!/jjkelly244
    facebook id Joshuah kelly and url

    can i please have an invite if you still have any, i did all the tasks
    many thanks in advance, i will also invite people to google+

  98. Jasdeep Singh Khera

    hey bro…plzz send me invitation to google plus…
    my twitter url-!/justjsk
    my gmail id is-
    my fb user name- jasdeepsinghkhera
    plz send the invitation asap …thnx..:)

  99. Thanks for a great post!

    Twitter: @AndrewAscenzo!/andrewascenzo



    Thanks for the Google+ invite!

  100. Fawaz Slaibeekh

    I need google + invitation
    Fawaz Sulaibeekh
    Facebook: Fawaz Sulaibeekh

  101. Twt follow:
    Facebook:like. I’d yalle kichkan
    Please send invite to


  102. Re-tweeted!/rajeelkp/status/88057154912780289
    Twitter name
    I liked your Facebook and shared this page as my status!/home.php
    My Facebook is

    Gmail is

    Please invite me

  103. darwyn Bautista

    Twitter: @darb917




  104. Marvin Martinez

    Facebook username: Marvin RocketMan Martinez
    Facebook URL:

    Twitter ID: RocketMan009
    Tweet URL:!/RocketMan009

    Would really love an invite. Thanks in advanced πŸ™‚

  105. hey man,
    followed you and retweeted about this site at!/1BigWang
    also, liked your facebook group and shared my post at
    facebook username is Leon Wang


    thanks man!!! waiting on that invite!

  106. @scoobywrexx

    And I liked your page…

  107. Done
    Twiiter djillusion678
    facebook Rocking illusion


  108. thank you very much ,
    tweeter:!/rajeelkp tweeter id: r99degree
    facebook id: Rahman Mohtasebzadeh

    i shared in my status as well

  109. Twitter account:!/5tephenramsay
    Twitter name: @5tephenramsay
    My facebook:
    My gmail:

    Please invite me.


  110. Twitter:!/EarthRyno
    Gmail ID: EarthRyno (


  111. Twitter = g_todder… & following
    Facebook= Geordie Todd (….liked your page

    Gmail =
    Would be grateful if you could send me an invite

  112. Twitter: Despotaca
    Facebook: Like, Aleksandar Despot Despotovic and I shared it.
    thanks, I wish I get it, if you didn’t run out of it…

  113. @maeryuu!/Maeryuu
    Facebook: Maria Giurgiu

    I tweeted and posted on my wall links to this post ^^ yays
    Please send me an invite if you can! ^_^b Thank you for all your generosity so far ^^

  114. Not a bad site. Found your media player limitations removal article very useful and clear to understand.

  115. Followed and retweeted the post
    twtter id!/ArpitMurarka

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  117. Twitter ID: @kulkarnishaunak
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    Facebook ID: share is there
    Gmail ID:

    Please send me an invite..if I did anything wrong please tell me

  118. I retweeted and followed on twitter, and I liked Labofweb on facebook and shared the link.


    Facebook- Harry Rylance


    Thanks in advance πŸ˜€

  119. Thanks for the invitation to google+. Keep up the good stuff!!!

  120. I retweeted your post
    My twitter URL is!/Alexanderdoug

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    And please send the invite to

  121. Twitter– @tjlee74

    Not sure if i did this right but thanks for the invite!!

  122. Got the invite πŸ˜€ thanks a lot.

  123. Hi bro!
    Here i have tweeted your post on my twitter. XDXD cheers!

    Here is the facebook page:
    Username: Vidhu

    and last my Gmail

    Seriously, If a get an invite from you, ULL be my GOD!! haha
    I rly hope you read this!
    and yeah ill, ill recommend your blog to more of my other friends:P
    ok bye!

  124. Thanks for the invite! Just got setup with all my circles and checking things out. Thanks again man.

  125. Ive followed and retweeted!/sezzle06

    My facebook name is Sarah Edgar, I liked the page and shared link on my profile

    Gmail =

    Thanks so much if I get an invite πŸ˜€

  126. Twitter: et987

  127. Tweeted AND Followed. Tweeted here >!/LooGiezzFTW

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    Please and Thank you very much!

  128. Twitter ID = Kiwi_Jellybeans
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    Facebook = (shared the link on my FB too) and I like your page on FB ( name is Kelly ‘Jellybean’ Marie)
    My Gmail is

    Thank yoooou =D

  129. Twitter:


    Thanks for the invite if you get to send one

  130. done all the task.

    Twitter ID: Eli_Epstein

    Facebook URL:

  131. I also retweeted and followed on twitter, and I liked Labofweb on facebook and shared the link.

    Twitter- @Trendy_SnappZ
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    Thanks in advance

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  139. @arjay_bob!/rajeelkp/status/88057677841829888

    Bob Pomerene

    Helpful. Good site. Interesting. Useful info from young geek to old nerd πŸ™‚

  140. Facebook user name: Patrick Douglas McHugh.

    thank you so much. : )

  141. Shounak Sengupta

    Shounak Sengupta


    Mail ID:

    Hi… May I get the invitation of Google Plus please….

  142. tweeter sushigeekfreak

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  143. Twitter

    Jacob Kositzke


    Thanks guys this is cool

  144. Thanks in advance for the Google+ invite!
    Twitter I.D.: R_A_A_
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    Facebook: Randhan Amechi Agu

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  155. I just wanted to say thank you in advance for the invite. Once i get the invite I will be on of your long time followers. THANKS AGIAN

  156. Thank you very much!

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    Thx so much!
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