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How To Track All The Websites Owned by a specific Person or Company

I have heard many people asking this question – How To Track All The Websites Owned by a specific Person or Company ?

There may be several reason why you may want to check which all sites does your friend owns. The reasons may be any kind of  research, observing , learning, To know their services,  ….or any varying from curiosity to competitions. Whatever your reason may be, Here we show you how to check and find all the websites owned by a specific person or company. All these way may not guarentee you 100% result, But you can expect much from most of these services.

Reverse Who-is Look-up ;-

When Registering more than one domain, There are more chances that the Owner name, email ID, Phone Number, Address etc may be similar. So, If more domains are registered by same name, you can easily find those domains by reverse lookup. You may use google or domain-tools to reverse look-up. Search the phone number or address and if you found many, all of them may possibly belongs to same person or company.

This is one of the least successful way. So Don’t expect not even a satisfactory result by this method !

Reverse IP Look-Up ;-

If a person has multiple website, It’s foolish to think that he would buy multiple hosts for all of them. Most probably, he will host all of his site in a same web host, unless he/they manages a very huge site. A blogger or Internet marketer with multiple websites, most probably would buy a dedicated host or private host and will host all his site in it. So you can easily find those sites with this method. I have used this method many times, and has great success rate.

But this may won’t give desired result with small blogs, as they may be hosted on shared host and gives a bundle of result, which makes it hard for you to filter out. But this method is very useful to track the websites by Bloggers or Internet marketers, and works perfectly.

Some of the websites that helps you in reverse IP look up are

Reverse Adsense ID or Analytics lookup ;-
No blogger or Internet marketer would create a site without seeking a profit. One of the most stable and most preferred money maker in any websites are ads, and specifically adsense. Even if they don’t have any adsense account, They will surely track the stats of the site as they are experienced webmasters. One of the most popular analytics tool is google analytics. So There are more chances that they may use the same analytics account for all their sites. For this
  • Go to Reverse Internet
  • Enter any one of the websites of the victim
  • You will get the Adsense pub Id, analytics ID etc associated with the domain
  • Now click on the pub ID or analytics ID
  • It will now list all the websites containing same adsense or andlytics ID, i.e, All websites belonging to the same person or group
By following these three ways, you can easily find all websites belonging to a specific person or Company. These may be very useful if you want to trace the paths or footsteps of any successful persons or to check about a persons online assets etc.
Hope this article was helpful !

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