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List of all Gtalk smileys and emoticons

As Gmail had became popular, it’s chat application – gtalk – has also became popular.Just as any other google products, the main ‘+’ point of the gtalk is it’s simplicity itself.But when compared to skype and yahoo , It’s not so pro.It don’t have many coloured emoticons or smileys, but google had kept more attention on making it simpler.Here is an Ultimate list of Gmail / Gtalk smileys and emoticons.

You can add the similies through the option in gmail or in direct chat through your keyboard.Here, we are listing the keyboard keys for the smileys.

Emoticons Keys for it

I’ll be soon back with a list of the emoticons for yahoo too !

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  1. Nice collection at such young age!

  2. site is good, there are black blocks that say Header Ad and Middle Ad on the page. Should put ads there, or remove them until you have something to place there.

  3. Nice collection dude, keep the work up!

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  5. Hildegarde Mohabeer

    Very helpful article.Thank for this.

  6. would it be possible to translate your website into spanish because i have difficulties of speaking to english, and as there are not many pictures on your website i would like to read more of what you are writting

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