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20 Best Avatar Pictures for your profile in Facebook, Myspace, Forums etc

Avatars are the simple technical term for your profile pictures. You can add any pictures for your profiles, But choosing a right picture can help you to make your account more noticeable and attractive. It’s best always to keep your own face in the photo as the avatar or picture for your profile. These avatars or profile pics speaks about you and is a mere representation of yourself in front of the world. So, Always try best to select any attractive pictures for your profiles and show off before the web.

Here is a list of 20 Best Avatars (Pictures for your Profiles) that you can add as profile pictures for your facebook profiles, Myspace profiles, Forum profiles etc.

  1. pictures for your Facebook myspace forum profile

    Beautiful Face – For common man

  2. pictures for your profile

    Grey Cat thinking

  3. pictures for your profile

    Smoking Chimp

  4. pictures for your profile

    Monkey in Black

  5. pictures for your profile

    Just Did it – For those who does

  6. pictures for your profile

    Funny Lizard – For Jokers !!

  7. pictures for your profile

    Old lady bug – For old ones

  8. pictures for your profile for geeks


  9. pictures for your profile of i luv u fork

    I love you

  10. pictures for your profile

    F_U finger

  11. cute pictures for your profile i love you

    For romantic minds

  12. Baby funny smoking pictures for your profile

    For Chain smokers

  13. Rocking baby pictures for your profile

    Music lover

  14. Monkey Nerd

  15. Scientist funny pictures for your profile

    Intelligent Scientist !

  16. Cool flirting guy pictures for your profile

    Cool crazy guy !

  17. tough guy handsome pictures for your profile

    Tough handsome Guy

  18. tough hard guy pictures for your profile

    Tough Guy !

  19. smile cat pictures for your profile

    For looser !

    Religious Profile pic for u

    For Religious Guys !


    You can select any profile pic from the above given list in accordance with your character (as you know it ) or what you want to show off the people…. Hope this was useful

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  1. Hey Rajeel,

    I’d have to go with the last one because…well…you just never know. *lol* These are some great avatars, but I still think it’s better to go with real pics of yourself whenever possible. Brand yourself rather than an image of something else. The ultimate goal is to get everyone sick and tired of seeing your mugshot plastered everywhere. 🙂

  2. WOW the images are so nice and amazing i am going to download these pictures as well as share this on my social networks/thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  3. Hey,

    I love the 2nd avatar Grey Cat Thinking.Its so cute:a cat with a cap.:))

    Bruce Kingston

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