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10 Unknown secret gtalk emoticons

Last week i had posted an ultimat list of gtalk emoticons and smileys.I thought that they were the only smileys availabe for gtalk.But now i got to know that i was wrong.Gtalk has many Unknown/hidden emoticons and smileys that are not out to public.The curiosity in my mind awake, when i came to know about this.I have started to explore them and here are 10 such hidden emoticons that i found.




Equal sad

Equal slant

Equal tongue


Broken Heart


Nose tongue

I’ll try to Find the rest of these emoticons and will ist them here.Wait for them.
Wait for the hidden secret smileys of Gtalk !


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  1. Hey nice sharing Rajeel.. I really missed some.. thanks ! ^_^

  2. what’s the code of broken heart

  3. Thanks for sharing the post.

  4. Thx for this information. It’s much appreciated! Best regards.

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