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Like everything on your Friend’s wall automatically

Many a times you would be needing to Like everything on your dear one’s wall, just to make them happy, promote them or to show your presence and affection to them. Technically it’s a hard job to go through all the posts and pictures and comments on their wall and like them manually.

But it’s a hard task, seriously ! So here ‘s a plug in for chrome that helps you to like everything on the wall in just a click.

This application named Facebook like all lets you to like all the posts and comments automatically. This loosens away the work and brief it just to a single click. What You need to do is ;-

  1. Install the plug in
  2. Sign in to facebook
  3. Open the profile page of your friend or lover or whomever it may be
  4. Click on the ‘Like’ Button on the top right of the browser ( right of the address bar and below the close  button)
  5. Now you ‘Likes” everything on his/her wall
  6. Enjoy !

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  1. Hey great idea there. Thanks for sharing this informative stuff.

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