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5 Best free 3D launchers (3D themes) for Android

In android, the concept of themes were replaced by custom ROMs and Launchers. Since flashing custom ROMs onto a droid seems to be kind of hard and risky job, Most of the people prefers using Launchers. A launcher is a simple aplication that can replace your default app launcher appliation – i.e, all your home page, app drawer etc. In another words, It just simply changes the theme of your android (since android doesn’t provide an option called ‘themes’).

There are a lot of beautiful and attractive launchers / themes for android. But rather than just coloring the phone with some custom themes, every body loves to have a 3D desktop or 3D home on their droids. Here is a list of the 5 Best 3D launchers (3D android themes) for your android mobile device.

1. Regina 3DRegina 3D launcher - 3d theme for android

Regina has been a popular name and one of the most successful android launchers. They provides you with a nice 3D launcher with all graphical effects and the metallic background and transparent trays are really a treat to every eyes. They are completly free and doesn’t pressure you to upgrade to premium version ! Another plus point, LOL !

2. MX HomeMX home launcher 3d android themeMX home is another Free 3D android launcher (android theme) which unlike the traditional ones, has a static home screen also ! You can add numerous home screen to slide out and place your apps along with this static home screen. But the static home screen, as you see on the above picture is worth to be used. It has access to basic facilities like wi-Fi, Battery indicator, call button, message button, silent button etc.  It’s a perfect pick for your home screen

3.ADW Launcher EX

ADW-Launcher-3D android theme launcher

It’s a Paid 3d Android launcher which is very much similar to Go launcher EX. It is also quite famous in the market and has several features and a unique style. You can download It’s free version from android market or buy it’s premium version to enjoy more advanced features

Also Check out some Paid premium launchers which is worth the deal !

4.SPB Shell 3D

3d spb shell 3d launcher 3d theme android

Maybe the best launcher available on the market but SPB Shell 3D costs about $15 USD and is not for free. It have a really eye-grabbing layout and stylish appearance. SPB have unique call, messaging and clock widgets which is really stunning and impressive. You need a high end device also for this to work effectively, since it comes with a lot of graphics and options. It shows the compatablity of the device also, which in turn is a great feature !


5.TSF Shell 3D

3d android theme launcher tsf shell 3d

Another Paid premium 3D launcher app for android. This is much different from other launchers having some what entirely differnet GUI and options. It completely make over your phone and gives it a 3D stylish look and a new style of launcher. It has much personalization options and is a very advanced Launcher. It’s also costly and costs about $17.

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  1. I am using MX Home theme and it is quite cool. Thank you mate for sharing the cool themes.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this cool gadget…I am so excited to see and use them…

  3. These are pretty cool, I think I’m gonna look into MX Home – it looks really crazy!

  4. Android is really great, different people has different view in terms of Android OS but I have my own view and ideas in respect. I think if you cannot afford iPhone, Android is the best alternative.

    Back to the Android themes, I really love it. But I hate using Go launcher or any other launcher I want direct themes like they have in Nokia phones with different. Setting up themes without use to external software is really great.

    External software slows the Android. I really don’t like Go launcher, very sticky.

  5. Hey,

    I am using SBP Shell 3D.Its cool.Thanks for sharing information of these gadgets with us.


  6. My Xperia S already has a launcher can you tell me from where can I get Excellent Live Wallpapers..??

  7. Hello Rajeel,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post with us. Android is a huge craze with many today and with so many additions to it is like icing on the cake. Like the 5 themes a lot.


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