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How to run Turbo c++ in fullscreen mode in windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit

C++ is one of the most powerful and core programming language. Even though there are several modern compilers like Visual c++, Most of the students use turbo c++ for educational purpose as it’s simple and the basic. Turbo c++ is the best compiler and works effectively but it has some minor bugs issues when using it in windows 7. It will comes in only a small box and you can’t maximize it to full screen.

Turbo C++

Since most of the systems today comes up with preloaded win 7, Many students thus lose an opportunity to use turbo cpp effectively. There are many ways to run Turbo cpp in compatible mode for windows 7, But I found this version of Turbo C++ Which runs perfectly on windows 7.

It’s an integrated version of DOSbox and turbo c++ and works perfectly for windows 7.

Click here to download it !


RUN it on your PC and EnJOy !!


Here is a trick to use windows 7 in fullscreen mode.

  • Download the latest version of Turbo Cpp and install it
  • Download DOSbox from here
  • Run DOSbox and type in the codes given below
mount c: c:tc
cd bin
  • Now run Turbo c++ and just click “alt+Enter” to go to full screen mode

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