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How to find the Installed Date and time of Windows in your Computer

It’s very easy to find the installed date and time of windows xp / 7 / vista Os in your computer. It is not provided as an information in system informations or else but is very easy to findout. To do this, You have to open the Windows os and go to start -> run -> Type in “cmd”. the comand editor will show up.

Now type in systeminfo in the command editor

how to find the date and time of installation of win 7/xp/vista

Now wait for some time for the information to be loaded. After everything is successfully loaded, You will get a screen of information as shown below. There are many information displayed about your pc including the install date, system time, last boot .. etcFind installation date and time of windows

Out of this, the original install date gives you the correct date and time of your windows operating system installation

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  1. that is one useful tip for any user. i never knew this. thank you for the share. waiting to see more useful tricks from you.

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