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How to solve and fix Mafia II PhysX Errors

The physX errors are developed in your computer due to its inability to run “PhysX” driver that help process the various important physics-related aspects in the game. This has been specially designed by Nvidia to improve the game graphics and make it more realistic. Since it is much in use throughout the game, errors in PhysX driver could eventually kill your gaming and crash continuously !Mafia II PhysX Errors

 Why does PhysX Errors occers In Mafia II?

The error arise when your computer will not be able to read properly the files and settings from the PhysX driver, which are required for basic gameplay. This happens when your driver is either corrupted or if it is out-dated. the error  message that you may get will be like this;-

“Using Hardware Accelerated PhysX Has Been Requested, But The Drivers Were Out Of Date”

so to solve this, you have to update the driver or re download it once again.

How To Fix PhysX Errors In Mafia II

Step 1: Re-Install The PhysX Driver

The problem can be soled by updating the physX driver itself. Well you can do this by clicking on the uninstall physX link or by manually uninstalling it by going to Control panel –> Uninstall programs and selecting NVidia PhysX Drive. Once you remove it, you will be asked to restart the system.

After restarting, Install physX once again from the link ( Try not to Install physX driver from the DVD you installed before, as the possible reason could be corrupted file in that DVD. Try downloading a fresh copy and install it.

Check if the game runs smoothly or not. If it doesn’t, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Re-Install Mafia II On Your PC

If updating the driver doesn’t solve the problem, then you may have to reinstall the complete game once again. This is to replace any corrupted or deleted files in the system. You may uninstall the game completely, download Ccleaner and Clean the registry completly.

Now restart the system and install it once again and make sure no errors happens.

Your game should work fine by now !!

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