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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Fixing “Couldn’t load image ‘devfonts_pc’ “

We have discussed how to Fix the couldn’t load image xp error in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. This is yet another similar error in appearance but can’t be solved just as we did for the latter. Sadly, This was the error that I got while installing the game. I googled for a solution and searched in many gaming forums for a solution, But I couldn’t find a solution anywhere !

This error appears after showing an image of a Soldier with a Gun and then the error window comes saying  Couldn’t load ‘devfonts_pc’. I checked many time why this happen but didn’t got any idea. Then I uninstalled the game completely and  re-installed the game once again in the same directory. This time also I had the same problem.

After spending much time searching for a solution, I just thought of giving it one more try. So I re-installed it again, This time in a different directory …. Gotcha, It worked !

How did I solve “Couldn’t load image ‘devfonts_pc’ error for Call of duty MW 3 ? (FIX)

I still don’t know what is the exact reason for this error. But I think It’s because the game is losing its hyper-linked files.

At first I installed the game in a deep sub directory, i.e,  E:\Games\program files\codmw3. Since it is inside the folder Codmw3, which is inside program files, which is inside games in the E Directory – The Data files coudn’t be accessed by the system. I think the hyperlinks of game’s files were built to work on one level deep sub directory.

I’m telling this because, I got the fix for problem when I installed the game in D:\codmw3. It’s just directly inside the D directory and the game works fine.

So here is the solution – Instead of installing the game in very deep directory, Install it in somewhere like D:\codmw3 or E:\codmw3. That is directly in your Hard drive, Not inside any other folders.

It worked for me. Hope it works for you too

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