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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Couldn’t Load Image XP – Solved

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (COD MW3) is one of the most popular first-person shooter game, developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. It is the third installment in the Modern Warfare series. It has been came as a continuation of the series of Call of Duty games, Which has been every Gamers favorite till the day of its launch. The futuristic game is very complex in nature and requires high video graphics and files.

Just as the game is more complex, There are a lot of errors that users feels in this game. One of the common errors that comes in COD modern warfare 3 is the “Couldn’t load image XP” Error which is told by many people. If you too have the same error, Here is the fix for the problem

COD Modern Warfare 3 “Couldn’t Load Image XP” problem – Solved

How to fix Couldn’t load image xp problem
1- Close your Anti-virus
2- Open your Call of Duty Modern Warfare Directory
3- Search for setup.exe
4- Run it and wait for the black screen to complete itself. You may have to wait for 10 minutes
5- run game


Check out the Video Tutorial (Thanks to Creator) showing the solution

NB : The video is not created by me. I found it from Youtube – All credit goes to its creator


We will be posting more similar solutions for Game errors

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  1. there is no setup.exe in the call of duty modern warfare 3 directory

    • Your game could possibly be corrupted or damaged. Please try Installing it once more.

      Please report back if you still have the problem

      • many times i reinstalled the game but it still shows the same error while the game is running perfectly on my friend’s pc and we are using the same discs and our pc configuration is also same.

        • Please try deactivating the anti virus or any other softwares that you are using and try defragmenting the drive. If the same disc runs fine on your friends PC, It could possibly be due to problems in your PC.

    • find it as setup, but it can be windows batch file…. double click it and t goes…

  2. i havent installed any anti virus program and i already defragmented the drive and i formated my whole pc so there shouldnt be any problem in the pc.

  3. Will it be a problem if i dont close my antivirus!! because i didnt and it did not work… 🙁

    • Sometimes anti-virus blocks certain executable files which are necessary for the game to run. Please try after disabling your anti-virus !!

      You may re-able it after the game runs !

  4. thanks man this really helped.

  5. hello, i bought this cod mw3 dvd. When i start the game it crashes down saying coudnt load image xp. I have completely uninstalled the antivirus too, still the problem persists. What should i do?? Please help me out!!!

    • Try Re-installing the game, defragment the drive and make sure your drivers direct x etc are up-to-date. If the problem still persists, Try publishing a ticket in the official MW3 forum.

  6. i had bought a gta 4 dvd too, now when i start this game it shows the login register blah blah…. But when i click on play it shows that parental control and some safety things and dosent starts.. What do i do in this case??!! Please help

    • You need to create a rockstar social club acount, its simple. Can you speak your problem in detail ?? I can’t understand what your problem really is!

  7. its not 10 mins i’m waiting for past 2 hrs still files r running can sumbdy help me

  8. Hi i brought mw3 DVD, after installing there some error saying mw3 couldn’t write as hard drive is full so i tried opening it as admin but still there is an error saying couldn’t load image xp,thereafter seeing some solution as above i tried but till the error occurs…is the data corrupted or something else help…..

    • Please try Reinstalling the game. It may happen if any data files had got corrupt. Also make sure to disable your anti-virus, and defragment your drive before starting. Most of the time, these two solves the problem !

  9. there is no setup.exe in the call of duty modern warfare 3 directory

  10. if use steam this is what you have to do: uninstall mw3 (the whole game but not the directory files), then try installing the game and intsall it in D (data) if you have. Then try. If the games doesnt work try doing what this guy said too

  11. what do you mean by black screen that cmd screen that runs after installation or something else

  12. When i open Setup and its just saying cant find zip or something like that

  13. it’s installing and compressing last 3 hours pls help its not 10 min

  14. -Hi. I have Installed call of duty MW 3.After completing installation i was instructed to copy the crack folder into the game extracted folder and when i started the game the dialog box says couldn’t load image ‘xp’. Plz get me out of this shit i want to play this game and only u can help me out

  15. I have install this four times but when I start the game the error “could not load image xp” and when I start the “setup.bat” file a window of ms Dos appears and an error message “could not find C:\Program Files\Black_Box\Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3\zip.exe” and suddenly that window disappears. please help me . the time consume to reinstall this game is more then 3 hours.

  16. Thanks bro its working.. 🙂

  17. brother, i installed the black box repacked modern warfare 3 in my laptop. when ever i run it it tells me the image xp error. i have run the setup many time which you have told, but there is no change in the game, i am still getting the same error.

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  19. is this the only fix for this cod issue?

  20. I have same question i downloaded cod mw3 black box repack when i run it as admin black screen opened and freezed. A message came named coudnt load image xp.

    And there is no file named setup.exe
    But thereis one named setup.bat

    And also tried everything you recommend

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