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[fix]Max payne 3 start-up launching problem – Solve the launch error for max payne

Max payne 3 is a great shooter game and a new release of the popular series of max payne game – one of the best adventurous shooter game ! It’s been one of the spotlight release of Rockstar games and has hit the market well. The game had been earning good ratings, reviews and critics through out the globe. Personally i love this game very much

But there are a lot of errors and problems in max payne 3. Some of them are the start-up launching error, Max payne 3 loading screen freeze and the game does not load etc. These errors may come even if you install a fresh copy of the game with all hardware support. The start up error or the launch error is found to affect most of all users and here is a solution for that. The start-up / launch error occers due to unmatched path given for the games. if you download the game from steam or buy directly, It will by default installs in a lot inside the directories, i.e, C:\steam\..\..\Maxpayne3. But to load the supporting files of the games it should be in a single step or double step path from the Directory like C:\maxpayne3 or D:\maxpayne 3.

When the path is like the default one the game will have problems loading the supporting files for the games and may fails to work. So to solve this, we have to correct the path of the game. For this we have to modify the path and save the game files in a direct one step location in a local disk. By doing so, the problem will be solved and we can run the game fine 🙂

How to solve the start up launching problem for max payne 3 ?

Simplest way ;- Re-install the game by making the install directory like C:\Max payne 3. This will help the game to run smoothly

You can also solve this problem without re-installing the game. This is a method I found from thier official forum. you may also follow the steps mentioned here

1) Open the location where Max Payne 3 is installed. it would be something like c:\steam\steamapps\common\maxpayne3\ Or C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\

2)Cut all the files in that folder, create a new folder in c named as Maxpayne3 and paste the files to it. Now the directory looks like this ;- C:\MaxPayne3\all of your Max Payne files here.

3) Press ‘Windows key’+R to open the run window

4) Type in ‘Regedit’

5) In the window appearing, navigate to ;- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->SOFTWARE ->Wow6432Node ->Rockstar Games->Max Payne 3

6) Click the key on right known as InstallFolder and modify it to C:\MaxPayne3

Now the game will run smooth on your computer


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