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How to block your friend’s Mobile phone card one

Here is a simple prank to fool your friends and make them at shock for hours ! Here is the easiest and simplest trick to block your friend’s sim card in a minute. This trick can be be used to prank your friends, enemies and to fools anyone you want.

Make sure when you use this trick and your friend’s won’t end up in removing the sim completly. This can be considered as a mild prank but make sure that you halp him to unlock the phone also. For those who don’t know anything about mobiles, this could be felt as a very big problem and they may even change their sim card.

How to block your friend’s sim card ?

What you need to do is to buy your friend’s mobile and type in the below code ;-


Now the sim card will be locked and will ask for PUK code to be unlocked. He can’t recieve calls or make calls from that sim anymore. Technically, It’s LOCKED !!

It’s easy to remove this lock also. It’s simple, you can easily escape this is by calling the customer care of your respective network and tell them the phone number of the blocked sim and they will provide you with the puk number, which when typed in can unlock the sim card !


But this simple trick is enough to fill up his mind for a couple of hours or minutes, right ?  🙂 😛 😀

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