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How to download engineering ebooks – Top websites to Find and download Engineering Ebooks

Engineering is one of the most popular and active course today. Not only because its much interesting but also because it has higher opportunities  scope and applications. If you learn engineering it will be always a handy tool for you, at the works in home, In your dealings, In your games, In your joke…….no matter whatever you does !

But it’s also being known as the toughest course as you have to write a pile of exams, records, assignments, seminars, reports and a mini and a major project ! The exams comes freequently and you will be having a oceanic wide syllabus, you learns just a bucket from it, The questions comes for upto a mug of it and the marks comes drop by drop. Well it’s the same scenario for almost everyone I know….. Well the reasons may differ !

download engineering ebooks

Hard engineering students life

But still its the 4 years on your life where you live the most and enjoy the most ! So let it be !  The same time, remeber to take your studies too with the pace, unless you want your comedy to end as a tragedy. Its common in boys not to have textbooks or lecture notes (since we are regular in canteens & not in class ! ). But when exams comes, we all will be needing all that kind of materials and the same time all the books in library would have been gone and you may not get proper lecture notes from friends.

Well, Don’t worry, Here is a list of the Best websites where you can download engineering textbooks in pdf format, other engineering ebooks, engineering journals, engineering lecture notes etc. It came much useful for me in facing the exams monsters, Hope it will be so for you too

  How to download engineering ebooks ? – Top websites to Find and download Engineering text books, journals, lecture notes etc 

#1 Free Engineering e-books

Free Engineering Books Contains links to various  Online Engineering Text Books, online notes and reference materials  on various engineering topics such as Computer, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Instrumentation and many more. It contains the ebooks in all of the below categories.

Computer Networking
Electronics Power Electronics
Electrical Control Systems Electrical Machines Energy Systems Automation
Mechanical Engineering Drawing Fluid Mechanics Fluid power Fluid control
Chemical Engineering Design Mass Transfer Operations Chemical Reaction Engineering Materials Technology Process Dynamics and Control
Thermodynamics Heat Transfer Operations Chemical Engineering
AeroSpace Engineering
AeroDynamics Aeroelasticity Aircraft Design Aircraft General Systems AeroNautics
Aircraft Instruments Aircraft Materials Aircraft Structures Performance and control Wind Tunnel Techniques
Avionics Communication and Navigation Compressible Aerodynamics Control Theory and Practice AeroSpace Engineering
Helicopter Dynamics Propulsion Rocket and Missiles Space Dynamics
BioMedical Engineering
Biomaterials Biomedical Instrumentation Biosensors and Transuders Biosignal Processing Techniques
Medical Physics Medical Imaging Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Engineering Analysis Engineering Safety

#2 Engineering 108

Another website started by an ex-engineering student which contains many Guides, Inspirational articles, Ebooks, Lucture notes, talks etc. Very useful and contains contents seperated into Categories as belowAeronautical EngineeringAutomobile Engineering

Chemical/Chemstry Engineering

Computer Engineering


Electrical engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Placement Paper


    This is a blog / forum dedicated for every engineering student and contains many informations on engineering, courses, Entrence examinations, Study materials, ebooks, Lecture notes, Engineering projects, Tech fest on various collages etc. A must visit for every engineering students. It contains study materails for almost all branch of engineeting including mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, electronics and communication engineering etc.
  This is a website containing information and useful resourses for engineers. This site also allows you to earn money by inviting friends to it, writing articles etc. They have a good forum and people shares really useful books and notes in it and it share innovative ideas and projects also.
 This is another good ebboks directory that contains engineering ebooks and lecture notes grouped as per the respective branches. Since they are providing only quality e-books, It must be hard to find lecture notes in the midst of these ebooks. But still, it contains the ebooks of all major engineering branches and auuthors

# some other websites

There are many other resourse where you can download free engineering text books, e books, lecture notes etc in pdf format. But here I’m listing only the best 5 that I felt useful and who has ordered there contents branchwise and optimized it for engineering studetns. I’m listing some more similar sites where you can find similar ebooks and lecture notes, but they may won’t be ordered or branch wise

  • Bookboon – Contains text books of all subjects
  • Freebookcente – Contains many engineering and non-engineering books
  • ;- A blogger site containing many useful ebooks along with a lot of ads and poor design
  • ;- Containts many ebooks on engineering, web development and other topics
  • ;- Another poorly designed site that containts ebooks, projects etc

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