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How to get easily approved by adsense : Adsense account approval guarenteed

I’m writing this post after passing through several requests and forums and everywhere i hear the same question.

How can i get an adsense account approved ?

How to create an approved adsense account ?

I even saw a guy who is selling adsense account for cash, he will gives you an adsense account, made per your request if you pay him some $$. It was a little hard when i tried to sign-up for adsense but now I really understood the condition of several helpless bloggers who are dying to get an adsense account to monetize there account. I really felt sorry for them and helped some of them to get such an account. If you are one of them and is hear by searching for it, i’m free to help you. I’m telling it because i had helped some of my friends to get the same, before months…. Always the question is ;-

I had applied for an adsense account  and gott a mail from adsense telling that my request has been placed and i will get my response in days. But i haven’t got any response from them. Why is it so ? How can i get my adsense account approved ?

Now here is the answer ;

How to Get approved by google adsense easily ; Simple trick for adsense approval and to create approved adsense account within days

I think everyone have the common sense to understand that if Google hasn’t responded you even after weeks, they haven’t approved your account. So the next way is to check why your account was not approved ? There may be many reason like your site mustn’t be old enough, or good enough, or may contain offensive languages…… like wise anything :(. But remember that the problem is with your site only … !

This was a trick that i came across, several months ago. If you have a good site with a PR 2 and good Alexa ranks and a simple design, you WILL SURELY GET YOUR ADSENSE ACCOUNT APPROVED. But for newbies all these may seem hard. Here is a simple handy strain-less trick for them to get their account approved. You get the problem only if you use your small site, what if you get a Tip-Top site with high rankings to request your adsense account. Never wonder how you can prove that it’s your site.. ! Here is the trick

  1. Sign up to, an adsense revenue sharing website (you can apply for inyarocks and flixya also for the same purpose)
  2. Create an account with your name and details
  3. Now make some hubs (posts) in it. Make somewhat 3–10 hubs. You can navigate to the sites like that allows articles for reprinting.
  4. Remember to share it and get some good views to it.
[Optional]  Never matter even if you buy some traffic for them ( you can get up to 1000 visits for just some little amount of $$, there are several sites that offers this service)


Make some comments on some other hubs, post new hubs, share them and be an active user there !

  1. Now Open your Hubpages account and navigate to My Account >> Affiliate settings
  2. Now select the ‘sign up’ button near the ‘Google’ in it and select ‘NO’ when they ask whether you have an adsense account or not.
  3. Give your details and sign-up for an adsense account
  4. You will get the confirmation mail from adsense team within days
  5. Your adsense account has been now created and you can use it in your blog too. Google allows that.

NB: If still this method doesn’t works try to increase the number and quality of the content you are submitting and try to promote it and get as many visitors as possible. Doesn’t mind even if you spen some $$ or use any bots to get visit counts 🙂

I think this post was useful for you and if you feel so, please share this post so other confused bloggers like you also can make use off this trick. I will try to create a video tutorial for this one and contact me if you have any problem regarding this !

NB : Please post here if you knows any other simple tricks for getting adsense account approved like this. I update them too with your name if that trick is practical.

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I'm Rajeel, a teen blogger from India who loves computers, sports, internet and all other kind of tech stuffs. This blog thing is one of my favourite hobby and the one that eats up much of my time. But Really, I'm loving it :) Find me in G+


  1. That is quite a unique method. Never knew about this. I knew about Hubpages but did not know that applying for an adsense account through hubpages would make the process faster
    .-= Shiva | Web Magazine´s last blog ..Facebook and Privacy – How You Can Take Control =-.

  2. Dude you some guys doesn’t know more about why Google rejects Indian publishers. Main reason is clicking on own ads. and more against Google policy.

    I read about Hubpages in last year. So I singed-up and applied for Adsense via Hubpages. but i didn’t get any reply for few days. But after 14 days I got a mail saying that unacceptable page type.

    So after some research and analysis. I turned back and created a new account in HubPages and again applied for Adsense, but this time I gave a U.S address which don’t even exist (remember previously my account was rejected coz I selected india as home country) Then I shut down my PC and went asleep. On the next day when I switch ON my PC. I got a mail from Google.
    Unbelievable!!!!!!! Adsense approved!!!!

    It just took less than 13 hrs.

    This tells that Google doesn’t allow Indian Publishers to get through so easily. But in my opinion Google should not discriminate people based on region saying that all of the people from that region would spam them.

    What would you say?

    This is not only a special alliance between Hubpages and Google Adsense. But any website which have more than 20k+ visitors per day can apply for Adsense APLi so that their users can create an account via their site. but the matter is that they will get a small percentage % of money from the account created by the user through their site.

    If you are looking for some other similar sites where you can signup for Adsense API. here’s the list of sites where you can create one.

    And I have a huge list which i have to search from junks 🙂 Leave me a msg I’ll help you find more.

    Follow me on Twitter @techgyo
    .-= TechGyo´s last blog ..How To Make Cool Manga Avatar For Your Profile ? =-.

    • That is so true my friend.. Google is taking benefit from it’s monopoly….

    • I think what TechGyo mentioned is absolutely correct… I too come across the conclusion that Google is not interested in accounts from Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka, ..etc…
      May be we create using fake address and try… But i have doubt… can we change billling address after getting approved??

  3. Here is another site which offer adsense sign up.But there are some requirements.
    .-= satyam´s last blog ..Add a smarter Favicon to Blogger Blog – Shortcut Icon =-.

  4. i tried both hubpages and indyarocks but these site requires some effort , like create posts . but docshare dont need to anything just signup and get adsense.
    .-= aatif´s last blog ..Access Facebook mobile with =-.

    • Ya both the sites requires little effort. but i think it won’t take much time more than a day. btw, can you share teh URL of docshare here ??

  5. Thanks for Informing

    .-= Aery´s last blog ..5 Must Use Gmail Labs Features =-.

  6. Woah! I find this coll and interesting. Have you also you this method t approve Google adsense?
    .-= Anup@Hack Tutors´s last blog ..Blogger post preview before posting, now available! =-.

  7. This works with indyapages and flixya too

  8. nice information thank u
    .-= fareed´s last blog ..Rss Feeds Marketing – How To Get Free Rss Traffic =-.

  9. Amalie Gervais

    Ya both the sites requires little effort. but i think it won’t take much time more than a day. btw, can you share teh URL of docshare here ??

  10. Thanks for sharing excellent information. Keep posting this kind of stuff.

  11. here another easy way to get approve easily easy adsense approval

  12. Thanks

    I know one more site which gives account within 4 hours against a very small favour

    Contact Them 🙂

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  14. i tried both hubpages and indyarocks but these site requires some effort , like create posts

  15. Still working ?

  16. hey ! through hubpages,flixya and other partnered services is not genuine method.your account will get banned within 30 days.
    i will get account by you using 100 % genuine method.i do spend 90 min for your account approval.

    contact me if u want genuine account without getting banned


  17. here i have a new trick for getting adsense approval within 12hrs from google without any investment and no need to wait for 6 months,to know more about this follow the link.

  18. Pisani hit the bid first.

  19. Hi Josh,Thanks for adding. Your site is added as well.

  20. I’m also 15 year old blogger from thrissur, kerala.I got my adsense through Indyarocks[within 2 days].But they showed that my account is not verified .So I added ads to my blog & my account was verified.

    I think Its more easy [only in my view] .

  21. Excellent blog you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours these days.

    I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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