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How to migrate from Blogger to wordpress without losing traffic permalinks etc

As we all know, blogger is one of the most popular blogging platform and perhaps the simplest one(in my opinion). It is very easy to use and even a newbie blogger can easily work on it. But blogger is not the right platform for probloggers or bigger blogs. If you are looking for a high efficiency, premium – SEO optimized blog, then wordpress is the solution fro you – no doubt. If you get understood that your blog is getting somewhat good traffic and a small income which can maintain your expense, then quickly move to wordpress. It is the professional platform, where you always have new and new things to learn and which will take your blogging to next level.

Almost all the popular bloggers use WP and it is the best solution in case of SEO, posts and due to the wide support of several plug-ins. The only reason why every bloggers are afraid of transferring their blog from blogger to wordpress is due to the thought that their rankings, visitors, post…etc will lose when they move from blogger to wordpress. No blogger would be interested to take such a risk. But the truth is that there is no such risk in this case. If you hire a professional, then you can easily transfer your blogger blog to wordpress platform without losing pagerank, alexarank, posts comments, subscribers ……etc.

Here I’ll introduce you to a team who does blogger to wordpress migrations for a handy sum of fee. It is lead by the Harsh agarwal of shoutmeloud and he is very much experienced in this. You can trust him completely. He will do many other services including WP blog set up, seo service and all with this and is quite popular for it. You can visit their site to read the portfolios of their customers and to get a quote for your blog. I hope they are providing free blogger to wordpress set up for host gator users.

Checkout their portal

If you don’t want to spend some $$ on the service too, then just ping me and i’ll do it for you (mine won’t be so perfect, but i’ll try my best).

If you want to manually do it, then i’ll post (or make an ebook) on a complete tutorial on how you can move from wordpress to blogger without losing traffic permalinks, yourself. It’s not at all a hard task neither so easy 🙂

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  1. when u will make the tutorial..
    planing to migrate to wordpress…

  2. instead of promoting other person services, if you guide a free tutorial, that would increase your authority.

  3. I have already migrated to WordPress but thanks for the details. Have you made the tutorial already?

  4. Hi:

    I am thinking about moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress and just wanted to make sure that I won’t:

    Lose any content
    Lose Google page rank
    Lose Alexa rank
    Lose feed and email subscribers
    Lose incoming links because they will all have to manually replace my blogger url with a wordpress url. Can the migration automatically change the url at these external websites without them having to do it manually?



  5. Hey Mike,
    First of all, let me tell that you had made the right choice. By moving your blog to WP, you won’t lose pagerank or backlinks if you use safe 301 redirects. You can find several tutorials on how to change those feed subscriptions and all. I believes that you will lose your alexa ranks :(. But it can be regained easier, if you have good traffic and ranks. And, finally, don’t worry about your contents and readers….. Theres no way you’re gonna lose them ….


    You have such good advise here, it’s like being in an online classroom. Thank you so much for all he tips they are sure to come in handy, with all my new hubpages topics!!! A.B.

  7. I migrate my blogger blog to WordPress last month. Thanks for share.

  8. Clark Hetherington from SEO Ireland

    Hi Rajeel,

    Very interesting post! I also have both blog and wordpress sites. I make SEO for it to increase the ranking thats why I am so particular of the rank. The article you wrote interest me most. This is new to me. I would like to hear more of your views about the matter. Cheers!

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