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How to post in all your facebook groups, pages and friend’s walls with one click


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. With almost 800 million active users, Facebook is now a highly crowded place too. There are bunch of pages , groups etc and an infinite number of users in facebook. Meanwhile in the action of social networking, Every one will be connected with others, join in many groups, likes many pages….. The network starts to grow.

But when it grows larger and goes out of your hand, It’s very hard to keep it up and hold all the links. You can’t always post in several groups, participate in pages actively, post in your friends wall …. and if you try to do so, 24 hours will not be sufficient ( I bet :P)

If you want to paste an important thing or a new blog post, It’s technically impossible to log into each group / pages manually and post it there. These become absolutely impossible if you are a member of several groups.

Then what is the solution for this ? What if everything is automatic and done in a single click !! 😛 😀 8)

How can you post to all your Facebook groups, Pages and on all your friend’s wall, all togeather in a single click ?

Yup It’s possible. You don’t need to do it manually all the time.

By default Facebook doesn’t provide this option. But there are a lot of other websites which offers this option.

Today I am introducing you to a tool called FB wall-poster, which helps you to post your updates to all your Facebook groups, Pages and on all your friends wall.

  • Just go to The link
  • Click on fconnect
  • Authorize the app
  • Add the content, link and image
  • Select the groups, friends and pages you want to share (you may use select all option)
  • Share

That’s it. Now wait for some time or just sit back and sing a song.

The post will be shared to all your groups and pages !

Link : FB wallposter


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  1. Hi,

    Wow!!! What a fantastic way to share your chosen article with countless number of acquaintances and all groups. Could not imagine that a technique like would also have been created to help the bloggers.

    Thanks a lot again for this post,

    Sanjib Saha

  2. Hi Rajeel, I was searching this tool from long ago. Thanks for sharing this awesome tool bro 🙂

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  5. It’s a very useful tools, thanks

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