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How to Solve “E: can’t mount /sd card” error of external sd card in ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery

This is one of the most common errors occurred to the newbies while flashing new ROMS to their DROID.  Here is the most simple solution for fixing this error 🙂

Clockworkmod Recovery is the most popular recovery software for android and is the best buddy while flashing a custom ROM to your droid device. CWM is supported on all droids and even though the keys may vary the functions and working are all the same. The CWM works by overwriting the device’s own stock recovery and it can apply software changes to the droid. What a custom recovery does is that it creates a platform flash new roms by replacing the device’s native recover.

     While flashing the custom ROM in Clockworkmod recovery, first you have to wipe and delete all the cache and files, then install the zip from our sd card. This is the normal procedure. But for some people, the memmory card will be inaccessible and ou can’t see the files in the memmory card and it will be unmounted showing an error message like this ;-

  E: can’t mount /sd card

This means that the CWM can’t recognize your SD card and so you can’t open it and flash the zip drive. The phone memory will be shown as Sd card and the external sd card will be shown as, mostly, ext-sd card or something. This is the card which have the trouble. Well, These all happens in the midst of flashing and you have already wiped off everything from your phone and technically speaking, what you have on your hand is just a brick !  Don’t worry, This usually happens and had happened for me too.

I was much tensed and searched the web copletly for an answer and most of the forums guided me to re-install and re-install and so on. What I had in my hand was a phone that just contain CWM and doesn’t access the SD card which has the zip file and how on earth was i gonna re-install it. Well, you don’t need to. This is a very simple problem.

This error occurs because your sd card is in NTFS(New technology Files system) and for the primary disks or installation to be done, they should be on FAT32 File system which is more powerful than the NTFS files system. So the solution is to format the sd card in fat 32 file system and then use it in the CWM.

Since your phone is in peril, I suggest you to get  yourself a card reader or memory card adapter to connect the sd card with the computer. now proceed as follows

  1.  Connect the sd card to computer ( By card reader or adapter is recommended )
  2. Now copy all files of the memmory card to a location in your local disk, say to “E:/memcard/”. This act as a backup copy as formatting erase all the data in the memory card in the next step
  3. Now right click on the memmory card icon on your  “Computer” and select “Format” from the window that appears
  4. Now select the file system as fat 32 and click on the format button
  5. Now your memory card is formatted in FAT 32 files system. Now copy the contents of memory card from the folder that we previously installed, say from “E:/memcard/”
  6. Put it in   your phone and it should be working fine

Now you can flash the zip file without any hazzles. Feel free to post if you still have any doubts.


Happy Flashing !!

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  1. Hi! I have just this same problem with my Google Nexus 10. The problem is that after I did the bootloader unlock, and then the CWM flash, CWM no longer reads E:. Your sollution does not work for me however, since the Nexus 10 does not have a external SD-card! Only the internal. And I guess I cant format that one, can I?

    Any other solutions? Thanks /Sac

  2. Nice review Rajeel . I tell you, I’m loving your blog more each day. I definitely will be featuring you in a blog post very soon.

  3. Thank you for the article. I too mistakenly formatted my internal memory during a new ROM installation and now I cant boot and CWM doesn’t see my Ext-SDCARD. I checked and my EXT-SDCARD is already FAT32 so this hasn’t helped. Will look for another solution on the internet =(

  4. Thank you!!! Really Helps a LOT! THANK YOU.!

  5. hello evrybody.

    according to

    Fixing “E: Can’t mount /sdcard/” Issue

    there are best working way for this.

    -root phone
    -CWM Recovery

    steps 1
    1-enter into recovery mode
    2- into advance mode
    3 – click fix permissions …
    4- after that clic PARTITION SD CARD ( first at least 1go second at least 300mo)
    5- all done
    Steps 2
    now put your rom into your sd card and follow the exiting steps for flash well your DROID..

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